Tina’s Tips: Super Platforms And How To Rock Steady

15th Jun 2012 / By Guest Contributor

Ankle straps, slides and peep toes + SKY HIGH platform heels can be a recipe for disaster. How do you prevent an embarrassing wipe out? It’s all in the preparation!

Ankle Straps: These are great for a little extra security and anyone who has narrow feet.

Slides are chic, but not if your toes are 2 inches ahead of you (aka “ugly overhang”)!

  • Make sure the strap is snug and secure.

Peep Toes are sexy, but unless you’re into pain, choose wisely.

  • This is where my “Double Pinky Test” comes in handy (or footy)…
  • When trying on peep toes, make sure your pinky finger can fit between the shoe and 2 specific areas:
  1. Top of toes
  2. Back of heels

How To Get The Perfect Fit:

1. Super platforms are tricky and even the most seasoned stiletto wearer can be taken down. FABSoles Ball of Foot cushion is a MUST-HAVE for this style – NO EXCEPTIONS! Also, if the sole is slick, don’t forget to try Non-Skids to prevent any slip-ups.

2. To keep ankle straps comfortable, use FABSoles Soft Strips to prevent straps from digging in and causing red marks. Cut and customize. Then place them anywhere for invisible comfort or place the whole strip inside all of your shoe’s straps; this will make the straps hug your heels.

3. To help keep slides from slip-sliding away, try this secret combo: place FABSoles Back of Heel Cushion upside down along the top of your slides along with our 3/4 insole. This will be sure to keep your feet perfectly positioned and stop toes from sliding forward!

This post is the third and final in a series about keeping your spring sandals comfortable all season long.

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