Real Women Denim: Behind The Scenes Of Our Staff’s Photoshoot

13th Jun 2012 / By Guest Contributor

Colored Denim is one of the hottest trends of the season. Which is why we had to launch these new sizzling styles with a bang! So rather than doing a traditional model shoot, we changed things up a bit. We wanted to show our members that this trend is flattering on anyone, regardless of her size or shape. And what better way to do that than by using real women? So we grabbed a handful of ready and willing JustFab staffers and made them models for a day! Working with these ‘real’ ladies, instead of trained professionals, definitely had its challenges, but I had so much fun that day that I wanted to share some of the juicy details with you! Sneak behind the scenes with me to see what happens when you take gals used to being in the background and put them in the spotlight!

I am so excited that we now have colored cropped denim! I love the new length of cropped pants– not skinny, but cropped. The colors are so fun! Red, blue, purple– they’re all fabulous! I loved creating different kinds of looks with the denim, too: some were really boho, others were rocker and some were classic chic.

Styling real women is different than styling models for several reasons. With models, it’s their job to become a different person at each shoot. But with real women, they are who they are. So I really like to capture that. I don’t want to change them completely, I just want to enhance who they already are. In this case, I made sure I knew a little bit about them, and then styling was a joy! I wanted to really showcase their personality through their clothes, so I made sure to pick looks that I thought truly fit who they are inside and outside.

But getting them dressed was the easy part! Making them comfortable in front of the camera was a little more difficult! As a stylist, you have to be so many things. But one thing that is super important is being understanding and supportive of the person on camera. In order to get her comfortable, you let her know what she’s in for. Then I usually stand off to the side and cheer her on, or give her advice if needed.

My fave looks were definitely Lianca and Tamika. I loved Tamika’s because it was denim on denim–which is amazing. For Lianca, I did two looks with the purple cropped denim: one was a button-down chiffon shirt tucked in and the other was rocked out with a striped tee and leather jacket. That is what’s great about these cropped colored denim; you can wear them so many different ways.

What was your favorite look? Do you prefer seeing product on models or ‘real’ women?

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