Last-Minute, Affordable Ways To Celebrate Best Friends Day

8th Jun 2012 / By Guest Contributor

Guess what today is? It’s even better than a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade on a warm summer day. That’s right, it’s National Best Friends Day! Over the past few months I’ve been more aware of how rare and special our BFFs really are. I had a very close friend pass away in February, and I wish more than anything she was here to celebrate this day with.

For those of you who may not know, I’m Blair Fowler, a YouTube beauty blogger under the screen name JuicyStar07. Over the past four years I have been creating makeup and hair tutorials, beauty product reviews and fashion videos to be uploaded to my channel. I’m excited to announce that each month I will be doing a new exclusive to JustFab blog post! This first post will be all about the people who know us best– our BFFs!

Here’s a DIY list I compiled of three last-minute and affordable things to do with your best friend today.

1. Relax & unwind! Indulge in a spa day. Give each other mani-pedis and facials. Bake (or buy) some yummy treats to snack on throughout the day. Make it feel more authentic by playing spa music on low volume and a lighting a few lavender candles. Don’t forget to stock up on magazines and tabloids to flip through during your relaxing day.

2. Capture memories! Pack a picnic, grab a camera and walk to a park nearby. Enjoy your meal, then start the photo shoot. It may feel silly in the moment, but I promise these pictures will be with your for a while and always make you smile. The wildest photos, like cartwheels or funny faces, make the best memories.

3. Take a “vacation”! And by vacation I mean camping in your backyard (or in my case the living room because I’m a scaredy cat and know that a serial killer would come out on the one night I camp out). Stock up on marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate! Even if you’re right near your home, it will feel like a getaway when you toast marshmallows, tell ghost stories and gossip all night.

Above all, don’t forget to tell your friends how much they mean to you. You never know when that privilege will be denied, so seize it when you can!



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