Citrus With A Twist

28th Jun 2012 / By Guest Contributor

Shocking lime green, zesty lemon yellow, sassy pink grapefruit, tangy orange…other than being a mouth-watering list of adjectives, what else do these flavorful colors have in common? They provide extravagant citrus flair to your wardrobe! Ironically enough, citrus is the only thing to which I am allergic, making me extremely citrus averse in the food department. But what I lose in mealtime tartness I make up for in style selection, flaunting these haute hues for all they’re worth. That’s why I’m so excited that citrus shades are the newest, sexiest trend this summer! These colors complement practically any skin tone, match almost every outfit, and add a playful zip to whatever you wear. Keep reading for a little JustFab advice on how to make citrus colors your juiciest asset this season!

Although all citrus shades are positively divine, it’s hard not play favorites with colors this cute. My absolute favorite is lime green, followed closely by lemon yellow. I really love pairing both of these shades with white because it makes your outfit look super fresh. A white, pleated sundress with lime green or lemon yellow heels is totally adorable, and you can always choose a textured shoe or an interesting style to give the citrus a little more punch. Try Marcela in green/pink or Ada in yellow, and then add a thin, colored belt in the same hue as the shoe for an elegant accent on the dress. Finish your look with citrus jewelry like Femme Fatale in green, and then try a neutral or silver bag to keep you looking like a summertime siren.

If you want to give grapefruit or orange a go, white can still be the optimal choice. You can also create an ensemble that’s a little less bright by trying a pair of light wash denim shorts or cropped pants. Pair a neutral top in a sheer, flowy fabric with citrus-colored bangles that offset your shoes. Kirsten in light coral or Juanita in salmon are glorious grapefruit-inspired shades, and both work perfectly with the Trilogy or Memoir handbags. If you want to play up orange a little more, consider Payson in tangerine or a high heel sandal like Gertrude in orange. Then add bold jewelry like True Colors in orange. All of these styles are sexy, summery and completely citrus-appropriate!

Will you find a snazzy way to wear citrus this summer? Share your thoughts on this delectable trend!

This post was written by guest contributor Michelle McCarthy.

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