Tina’s Tips: How To Keep Spring Sandals Comfortable

7th Apr 2012 / By Guest Contributor

Now that your toes are free from their boot caves (both shearling and leather), it’s time to get them prepped for the freedom of spring sandals! Although I saw lots of great trends on the runway, there’s no point in looking good if the shoes don’t feel good. No matter how sexy a style looks, you won’t look sexy in it if you’re limping, tripping and falling. But don’t worry! I’m going to tell you how to make every pair of spring’s hottest styles feel fabulous. Let’s start with platforms and flat sandals made from materials with abstract prints.

How To Wear Platforms And Avoid Ankle Twists

  • Make sure your platform sandals are snug, not loose.
  • Heel-toe, heel-toe, heel-toe… it’s important to step down onto the heel first to maintain good balance.

Flats And Getting Out Of A Pinch

  • Sometimes printed fabrics can cause an optical illusion: you think fabric = soft. But many times, straps and zippers have a tendency to rub us the wrong way. Certain areas can cause friction, which leads to blisters.
  • To find your correct size, make sure the widest part of your foot (at the ball) fits exactly to the widest part of the shoe. This will keep your foot in place.

How To Get The Perfect Fit:

  1. FABSoles 3/4 Cushions are your best friend! Our 3/4 cushion will provide a layer of comfort to keep feet cool and dry, and they will control motion by keeping the foot stable.
  2. FABSoles Soft Strips will adhere to any surface, so place them on straps, alongside zippers, or even at peep toes to keep feet ‘pedi-perfect.’

This post is the first in a series about keeping your spring sandals comfortable all season long. Tune in next Friday for the second edition.

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