Our Top 5 Favorite American Pie Moments

6th Apr 2012 / By Guest Contributor

Party like it’s 1999! The cast of American Pie returns today in the series’ newest installment, American Reunion. To commemorate this sure-to-be-sex-filled occasion, the team at JustFab decided to share our Top 5 Favorite American Pie Moments. Disclaimer: none of these are ‘appropriate,’ so if raunchy scenes make you uncomfortable, you may not want to continue reading!

5. Oz, we love how completely clueless you were about women before Heather brought you up to speed. When you and your college date (who was studying Post Modern Feminist Thought, BTW) were hanging out at Lookout Point and you turned to her and said, ‘Suck me, Beautiful,’ we waited for the slap that would surely follow such an ignorant request. But she just laughed and gave it to you straight – and you were actually a pretty good sport. We’re also pretty sure you’re not the first (or last) guy to say something that stupid to a girl.

4. Kevin & Vicky. She gives him some love (we don’t blame you for spitting it out, Vic.). He finally gives her some love (talk about a close call!). Then on prom night, they lost their virginity together. Yes, it’s a total cliche. But the reason it’s a cliche is because it happens. A lot. So kudos for keeping it real and showing that it is a big deal, but it also doesn’t mean that you’ll be with that person forever. And that’s OK.

3. Hey, Mrs. Robinson – we mean Stifler! Clearly the most sophisticated boy in the bunch, we had to give Finch props for nailing Stifler’s mom. Especially after all Stifler did to sabotage prom night for Finch (how mortifying was the scene in the girls’ bathroom? Yuck!), it was just a tad gratifying to see him get such sweet revenge!

2. Oh, Michelle. How we love each and every one of your crazy band camp stories. Whenever you started a sentence with, “This one time, at band camp…” we knew we were in for a treat!

1. But our most favorite moment that kept us laughing for days was the film’s title scene: when Jim tested Oz’s theory that it feels just like ‘warm apple pie.’ Caught in the act, Jim’s dad provides the most logical explanation: “We’ll just tell your mother that we ate it all.”

Tell us, what was your most memorable American Pie moment? Are you planning to see American Reunion?

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