Sea Creatures: The Magic Of Metallic Magenta

29th Mar 2012 / By Guest Contributor

There’s been a lot of emphasis on pastels and nudes this season. And while they are prevalent, they’re certainly not the only key spring trends you’ll see. My personal favorite is oceanic influences. After working in the fashion industry for almost 5 years, this is the first ‘new’ concept I’ve seen. Plus, I love how designers have incorporated these inspirational elements into their collections. From fishtail gowns and high-shine metallics to shades of coral  and textured details, signs of the sea have totally washed ashore. And one great way the most fashionable of landlubbers can keep this fad afloat is with metallic magenta platform pumps.

Innovators like Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel and Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen used pewter to mimic the metallic sheen of the ocean, while Giorgio Armani showed skirts and dresses in watery shades of blue silk. Donatella Versace went so far as to feature sparkling starfish appliques on her designs. One dress even resembled a mermaid with its shiny bra and fitted floor-length skirt.

Metallic magenta accessories are merely an extension of this sea-faring style. The shimmer is evocative of the sunlight reflecting off the ocean’s surface, while the rich fuchsia shade can be found in underwater fauna. A pair of JustFab platform pumps that bring both of these components together is your ideal mate.

Personally, I love Henriette. The pink glitter on this open toe stiletto is the perfect blend of glitz and glam that will transform any evening ensemble from lackluster to luminous. Tatianna is another fabulous option. The gleam of her textured metallic material is offset by her solid black double platform and tapered heel. This stark contrast on a classic silhouette makes the pump a must-have for sun or stars. Finally, Damaris lets you bring the funk to town with her glimmering material reminiscent of a disco ball.

So what do you think? Are you ready to bring the magic of metallic magenta into your wardrobe?

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