Pretty Pretty Pastels: Let’s Go On A Coral Adventure

13th Mar 2012 / By Guest Contributor

It’s no secret that pastels are the color palette for spring. Soft and sweet, these sorbet-inspired shades are fresh and feminine with a modern maturity, so you don’t have to worry about looking like a little girl. After several consecutive seasons of blindingly bright hues, this transition toward lighter colors is a welcome change. In an effort to help you warm up to these pretty pale tones, we’ll be paying homage to the top three tints your sunshine style simply cannot go without this season. No. 1 on the list: Coral.

Here at, we’ve deemed coral the absolute must-have hue for the season. It’s attention-grabbing, it’s ladylike and it looks good on everyone. The perfect blend of pink, orange and red, this color is also an easy way to revive last season’s staples. Inject a bold burst into a crisp white button-down with a chunky coral choker or femme it up in a lace skirt and salmon platform pumps.

While it is a member of the pastel family, coral also adheres to another major spring trend: oceanic influences. From mermaid-inspired dresses to shark-tooth necklaces, details suggestive of the sea made waves on the runway at Chanel, Alexander McQueen and Givenchy.

Emphasize the color’s feminine feel with a ruffled dress as seen on Sofia Vergara and at Moschino Cheap & Chic. Besides making you feel like a woman, another amazing quality bestowed upon coral is its ability to look great against all skin tomes. It makes pasty peeps (like myself) glow and dark divas shine. Illuminate your flawless visage with a coral top or highlight those gorgeous gams with a pair of strappy high heel sandals or Capris. If you’re too intimidated to take the plunge with coral-colored clothes, then slowly integrate the new hue into your wardrobe with an accessory. And if a single solid-colored item is still too orange for your taste, then snag a bag with coral accents. That way you still get the flavor without over-saturating your outfit. And remember, coral’s complementary color is teal, so if your ensemb starts to look like a starburst, tone it down with a cool pair of sandals or blazer a la Diane Kruger.

Stay tuned this week for more tales of pastels. Next up: Lavender.

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