Carry The Rainbow: Hot Spring Bags In Cool Hues

30th Mar 2012 / By Guest Contributor

If you’ve already gotten a head start on your spring cleaning, then surely you’ve disposed of a few old accessories. Which means: you can shop for some new replacements guilt-free! After all, spring is the season of revitalization and renewal, and what better way to freshen up your warm-weather wardrobe than with a bold handbag? We’ve compiled a collection of styles in every color of the kaleidoscope so you can shop the shades you love all in one place. Whether you opt for a nude neutral or pick out something from our old friend ROY G BIV, I encourage you to get a little crazy with your carryall this season. Be brave and intensify your traditional dark duds with a tangerine satchel or create a colorblock look with a yellow tote bag and blue and green separates. Because with so many hues from which to choose, there’s no excuse for being boring!

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