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17th Feb 2012 / By Guest Contributor

You have to check these ladies out! While conducting our weekly hunt for pin-worthy content for our new JustFab Pinterest board, my team stumbled upon one of the most respectable and interesting blogs we’ve seen in a while (and believe me, we see a lot!). The Advanced Style Blog by Ari Set Cohen inspired us all to embrace our beauty, style and age. Ari is an amazing man who brings to light the most stylish and creative older folks of New York.

In particular, 78-year-old Lynn Dell, seen in the video, captivated and touched me. In the clip Lynn says, “Fashion says ‘me too,’ and style says ‘only me.’ I really appreciated how Lynn discusses the fact that at 78, she loves being a woman. The more she ages, the better and more liberated she feels. So true! Lynn also reminds us that money has nothing to do with style. She dresses how she wants, when she wants and looks fabulous along the way. We could all use that.

In a fun and unique way, Advanced Style Blog brings to light the personalities and confidence of these stylish mavens and reminds us all to embrace our inner beauty and personal style at any age, and to respect our elders. It is great to see these women so confident and happy. They truly embody style and reflect inward and outward beauty.

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