Behind The Scenes With Adrianna Costa

3rd Feb 2012 / By Guest Contributor

Hi, JustFab Friends! One of my favorite parts of any photo shoot is raiding the closet! My most recent shoot with JustFab was no exception, but rather my latest obsession! Picture this…I enter a room filled top to bottom with the hottest JustFab stilettos, wedges and shooties – yes, shoe/booties – in every color of the rainbow! Some with studs, others straps and all friggin’ FABULOUS! And that’s not even the half of it! I look up to see the table lined with JustFab’s jewelry line…think Kimora Lee with a big dash of Fergie – and a rack of clothing to DIE for! This must be heaven.

Oh, it’s heaven alright, because I’m told I don’t just choose one, but two looks for the day! My biggest dilemma, ladies? Do I wear the mustard Rachel Roy top with the Giambattista Valli for Impulse leopard skirt and colorblocked JustFab heels or the French Connection colorblocked dress with the Jaslene JustFab strappy heels to match?! I mean, come on, these are serious problems (yeah, right!)!

Anywhooo, after many wardrobe changes, much deliberation and the genius assistance of one gorgeous stylist, the job was complete. And voila! I ended up with this:

1st Look:

2nd Look:

Inside Costa’s Closet: This biggest challenge for me when deciding what to wear, whether it’s for a red carpet, photo shoot, night on the town with girlfriends or trip to the store, is how to find balance between what’s trendy and contemporary vs. what I really feel comfortable in. It’s funny how I come to the same conclusion over and over: great style is only as good as your own level of comfort.

Remember, if you’re trying to follow a trend, but don’t really ‘own’ the look, it’s a big, huge, GIGANTIC no-no! Either return it, burn it or give it away.

Here’s a perfect example: flats are not my friend. I’m petite…5’4″. I usually say 5’5″, but that’s a lie; I’m 5’4″. I’ve owned it and now love it, well sort of anyway. Point being, flats are cute, but not for me because they make me look short and dumpy. You’ll never find me in flats unless I’m at the gym, and even then,  my Nike’s have ‘air’ in them and add a couple of inches.

I know, I’m sick. But at the end of the day, I feel at my best when I look my best! Same thing happened at our shoot. I tried on a super-sexy fitted little knit dress. With the right body type, the dress would have been a knock-out. On me, it’s a big old strike out! So rather than trying to make it work, I just put it aside, and found something better suited for a little T and A. And the moral of the story: if you own it, you’ll own it!

‘Til next time, peace and love JustFab Friends xxx. Send me your questions, comments, tips and anything you’d like to chat about, and I’ll get back to you in a flaaaash!


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