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Mary Jane Shoes
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Mary Jane Shoes

Mary Jane shoes come in different silhouettes today, but originally they were round-toed flat shoes for women and children. One buckle crossed the foot, creating a demure and innocent profile. Today, Mary Janes have been reincarnated and can be found in the typical flat style, as well as in numerous heeled versions. Some styles have multiple buckles or a platform, but the classic look has been more or less retained.

Flat Mary Janes create a very youthful impression, while high heel Mary Janes are sexier. If the grounded version is more your style, they can look amazing with shorts or fitted frocks. With heeled Mary Janes, go for skinny jeans, leggings or any dress - their retro aesthetic and refined style pairs well with almost anything. Keep reading for JustFab's insight on how to wear Mary Jane shoes for women!

How to Wear Mary Jane Shoes for Women

To The Theater
If you aren't feeling high heels, you can still look fancy and fabulous in your flat Mary Jane shoes. Take a note from celebs like Keira Knightly and Nicole Richie, who pair their flat Mary Janes with form-fitting feminine dresses. Enhance your glam factor by adding beautiful jewelry and a cross-body purse. You can wear essentially the same outfit if you want to go with high heel Mary Janes - just make sure your dress isn't too short!

At Church
Their conservative style makes high heel Mary Jane shoes perfect for some Sunday prayer. A long skirt or knee-length dress will keep your ensemble looking modest, yet model-worthy, and a cute sweater or delicate shawl will add a tasteful finishing touch. Keep your makeup and jewelry minimal so that you maintain the demure, classy look that your place of worship deserves.

A Casual Meet & Greet
Whether you're meeting someone for drinks, grabbing coffee with your BFF or trying speed dating for the first time, Mary Janes can give your outfit a charming twist without looking overly fancy or dramatic. If you're coming from work, try pairing them with a sleek pencil skirt for a conservative-yet-sexy vibe. If you're coming from home, go for a wrap dress or girly frock for a striking impression.

The Company Party
When you finally get to let loose a little with your fellow coworkers, keep in mind that although your setting has changed, your observers have not. Your boss, manager and other employees will still be with you, ready to comment on and remind you of whatever interesting behavior you display. Break out your Mary Jane heels for this occasion. Their classic silhouette will keep you looking chic, while their slim stiletto will give you the dramatic va-va-voom edge you're looking for. Wear your favorite LBD and some sparkling jewelry to complete the outfit.

Dos and Don'ts:

DO: Experiment with both flat and high heel Mary Janes, as well as the multi-buckle versions that are popular at present.

DON'T: Get uber risky with your clothing just because you're wearing modestly styled shoes.

Are you crazy about Mary Janes? We'd love to hear what you think about this style. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts, as well as any tips or advice you might have on wearing Mary Jane shoes for women!

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