6 Budget Friendly Spring Break Spots by JustFab

Spring Break is finally here! It’s time to put your work load aside and focus on having some fun in the sun. Setting aside time to create a budget friendly vacation & itinerary can require some research, but will be rewarding in the long run. Whether you plan on partying in style, camping outdoors or lounging poolside, check out these 6 fabulous spring break destinations and how to save money while you’re there!

Top fashion travel destinations | JustFab blog

We all have a running bucket list of goals, dreams and experiences we’d like to accomplish during our lifetime and for the stylish gal that might include visiting the fashion capitals of the world. Here is a travel bucket list created for the fashionably inclined and adventurous gal. Whether it’s fashion or culture or both you’re after, find out what the top fashion travel destinations have to offer.

Top Ski Resort Destinations

Are you ready for a winter getaway? Well, we have insight into a wonderful destination, a ski trip! Whether you’re looking for a solo trip, with your significant other, or friends and family, you’ll find a ski resort just for you. We’re excited for you to learn about the following 4 top ski destinations.


Heading anywhere special for the holidays? Planning a visit to grandma’s house? Hey, unless you’re living a real episode of Everybody Loves Raymond and your in-laws live two doors down, chances are you’ll be partaking in some sort of travel in the next month or so. And whether it’s by plane, train, bus or automobile, solo or with your family, I think it’s fair to say that travel is generally equated with a certain level of stress. Am I right? Yes. That said, I do find that I can cut said inevitable stress when I know I’m prepared for a possible snafu. I guess that’s the hard, cold lesson you learn from having your luggage lost not one, not two, but three years in a row during Christmas time. Yes, that really did happen to me. As such, I present to you my personal list or, rather, travel bible for the Top 10 Must-Have-With-You-At-All-Times-In-Case-Of-Emergencies List (in no particular order)

Jillian at the Colosseum in Rome.

Going on vacation is exciting! It’s great to take a break and relax; explore new cities or return to favorite hot spots. But the preparation can be downright stressful. There are always last-minute trips to the drug store and the frantic charging of electronics. Leading the stress movement: packing! Deciding what to take and what to leave behind is a difficult task. How do I know? Because I just got back from a 2-week trip to Italy, and Claudia just spent a weekend in Mexico. Use our recent travel experiences as a guide for your next packing predicament.