We Love Knee High Boots for Women!

Knee High Boots
Pictured above is Shawn, one of our top rated knee high boots of all-time.

Knee High Boots

Knee high boots are the most common boot style for women, hitting just above mid-calf and just below the knee. They are extremely versatile shoes because they can have a high heel, chunky heel, wedge heel or be completely flat. They also take inspiration from different lifestyles, such as motorcycle riders and equestrian enthusiasts. Plus, knee high boots for women transition in a way many shoes cannot: they can shift from a.m. to p.m. as well as from fall to spring. Because this style of boot is a little warmer, they are perfect for cold weather, but since they're so sexy, women tend to wear them year-round!

Read on for some amazing Just Fab advice about how to wear your new pair of knee high boots!

How to Wear Women's Knee High Boots

One With Nature
If you're headed to an outdoor event, whether it's a picnic, county fair or summer barbecue, knee high boots can be a subtle, yet stylish, choice. Try a flat, slouchy boot with a casual silhouette and sumptuous material. Or channel your inner cowgirl and try a Western or Cowboy boot for a trendy daytime choice. Pair with a sundress or a flowy skirt for a carefree feel, or go with denim and a simple tee for a more casual option.

Dinner With Friends
Dress up your everyday jeans with a pair of rich and velvety knee high boots. Try a style with a sky-high heel for a slightly fancier ensemble, or go for a chunky, block heel to create a more low-key look. Wear with a cute top and long, stylish necklaces. Add a clutch and you'll be sure to make a festive entrance!

An Artsy Evening
Maybe it's a gallery opening, an intimate concert or a book signing, but no matter what casual-cool affair you're headed to, knee high boots could be the perfect pick! Wear black or gray jeans with a funky, colored top. You'll look edgy and hip without giving off the "I-tried-really-hard" vibe. If the event is a little dressier, go for a heeled knee-high boot and sleek accessories. If you want to keep things casual, a hobo bag or large tote could be a savvy selection.

Winter Wonderland
Wind, rain, snow, sleet... cool weather can be a fashion downer. Thank goodness for the knee-high boot, which will keep you looking oh-so-glam! Try one with a thick heel and a good tread so you don't fall. Feel free to lean toward one with knit or fur elements - these are totally appropriate when it's cold out! Bundle up in long pants, a long sleeved shirt and a fierce scarf. Throw on an adorable overcoat and you're ready to go!

Dos and Don'ts:

DO: Wear your knee high boots throughout the year!

DON'T: Pair knee high boots with a super elegant, red carpet-worthy dress. The styles don't tend to mix well together!

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