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Pictured above is Whit, one of our top selling high heel sandals.

High Heel Sandals

High heel sandals are a casual take on a traditional heel, adding a strappy, daytime feel to any women's sophisticated shoe silhouette. This shoe style varies in height and in the number and thickness of the straps, as well as in the actual style of the shoe: some will be slingbacks, some will have ankle straps, and other may be completely open.

Let us help you decide what type of high heeled sandal is right for you! The Just Fab expert panel offers advice on what makes women's high heel sandals totally hot, or totally not.

How to Wear High Heel Sandals

Jessica Paster, Chief Stylist, loves high heel sandals on the red carpet:
“I love to dress my celebrity clients in high heel sandals when they have to make red carpet appearances. This style works perfectly with glitzy, frilly or lacy dresses and really helps the client's look come together. A metallic or silver high heel sandal can help take a cute dress up a notch, making it feel far more chic and high-fashion.”
Try: Becky, Clarissa or Muriel.

Angela Fink, Style Expert, wears them any time, day or night:
“High heel sandals are perfect for almost any setting, day or night. It's all about how you wear them and what you pair them with. If your office isn't too formal, high heel sandals can be a great choice to make your outfit look more feminine. This style of shoe looks great with black pants or a conservative dress (approximately knee-length). Make sure to glam up the rest of your outfit with your top and accessories, so that the open toe on the sandal doesn't make your outfit feel too casual.”
Try: Dora, Adriana or Alannis.

Nina Lenders, Style Expert, uses high heel sandals to help add some flavor to any outfit:
“Wear high heel sandals for a midday lunch. They're great with jeans or shorts, and they help spice up what could otherwise be a boring, basic outfit. If you choose a pair with thicker straps, wear bigger accessories and a larger bag to complement your shoes. Wear sandals with thinner straps for a more fancy occasion like a wedding or dinner party.”
Try: Filomena, Nicolette or Brinley.

Daisy Lewellyn, Style Expert, wears this style out on the town:
“I'm a huge fan of matching this style of sandal with LBDs or short black skirts. These looks are perfect for an evening out on the town - they're sultry and stylish. Stick with a black high heel sandal for a classy aesthetic from head to toe, or go for a textured or brightly colored (pink, red, yellow and green are my favorites) heel for a fun, attention-grabbing outfit.”
Try: Kamilla, Galena or Cheyenne.

Dos and Don'ts:

DO: Experiment with color, texture and strap width.

DON'T: Wear strappy heels (or open toed shoes in general) with pantyhose!

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Michelle Allen
Michelle Allen

4th one.I like elegnant, flashy and a touch of sassiness and originality.

Andrea Byrne
Andrea Byrne

I have the globetrotter in blue and LOVE It!

Trudy-Ann Riley
Trudy-Ann Riley

What is the name of that 2nd bag??? The hot pink one!


I got Globetrotter, which is the only one of these I own :)


 i love the globe trotter like i have the blue one and im totally in love with it 

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