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JustFab Staff Love the Stefany Heels

The gals at the office are currently obsessing over the stylish Stefany sandals! I mean, why wouldn’t they? After all, adding a little sizzle to each step in this sexy stunner comes easy. Check out these 4 stylish ways to wear the Stefany sandals this summer.

JustFab Staff Style Featuring the LUXE Foster Wedge

As the temperature heats up, the gals at the office have been spotted wearing trendsetting wedges! Currently ,the girls are raving about our LUXE Foster wedge. I mean, why wouldn’t they? Foster’s intricate, sexy style and sophisticated cutout platform is beyond irresistible. Check out these 4 stylish ways the girls at the office like to wear the Foster wedge.

Bright Pumps & Jewelry Make Any Look Pop

Most women are afraid to embrace color, especially in the fall and winter seasons, for fear of looking like a crayon! But the truth is, bold color enhances your features, brightens your skin, and often puts a smile on your face! So here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate color into your wardrobe with a “POP” item!! 

6 Ways to Style Your Denim

Denim has been a fashion basic since the 1950s, but this year, denim has been revived! We’re so excited to see new prints, colors, and cuts. A few of these styles may not be on your must-wear list; however, we think there are easy ways to have fun with denim skirts, cutoff shorts and printed skinnies.  

National Pink Day Shoes

From the day we’re born, we’re assigned a color to signify our gender: blue for boys; pink for girls. Parents dress their babies in these symbolic shades to proudly proclaim their child’s gender and avoid awkwardness from passersby (“Oh, your baby is adorable! Is it a boy or a girl?”). This practice also educates us at an early age which hues to gravitate toward (and stay away from) when we’re old enough to start choosing our own clothes. Personally, I’m not a huge pink fan; purple is more my color. But, in honor of National Pink Day, I’ve selected some pretty pieces to help you embrace your feminine fashion.


This month’s JustFab Community Member of the Month is Chanda T. She’s a true style lover and never fails to deliver fun and unique looks. Chanda effortlessly mixes classic pieces and with unexpected prints, colors and accessories.  She’s a fashion risk-taker and our April Community Member of the Month.


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Blair In Mint

Hey guys! April started off fabulous, as it does every year for me since my birthday is the first of the month! I love this time of year not just because of that, but because the weather starts to get warmer and you can start breaking out some fresh, fun colors from your wardrobe. So when people asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said I wanted anything in mint or peach. You can’t go wrong with incorporating one of these colors (or both) into your outfit!