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How to decorate mistletoe | JustFab Blog

Mistletoe: A simple plant with a passionate purpose! I’ve been subjected to the motives of this greenery on numerous holiday occasions (whether I wanted to is a separate issue) but never knew, until now, why such a seemingly ordinary shrub has demanded us to lock lips when we pass beneath it. Even now, mistletoe’s connection to kissing is still fairly mysterious, though it’s been said to derive from early Norse mythology when, as the story goes, a malevolent spirit destroys a god (Balder) with an arrow made of the plant. When Balder is brought back to life, his mother (the goddess of love) is so appreciative that she kisses anyone who walks under a mistletoe branch.


Fall is officially in the air which means it’s time to break out the cashmere, grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte (mmmm!) and get your decorating on! For me, there are few things I love more than seasonal flowers, and having an arrangement on my dining room table is always a must during the holidays, especially when I’m hosting a festive dinner party. This year, in addition to making sure my house smells like nutmeg and cinnamon 24/7, I really want to take my autumn ornamentation up an elegant notch and I think I’ve found the perfect way!  A combination of my three fall faves – pumpkins, gold accents and fresh flora – this oh-so-easy DIY vase arrangement will up the chic factor in your home tenfold and leave your friends and family in total awe!