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From crafting up short stories in grade school to studying English Literature in college, writing has always been central to Staci's life. She has worked with a handful of well-known eCommerce brands, and her work can also be found in a number of noteworthy outlets. Currently, she is a copywriter for the brand site and is a contributor to The Fab Life. She thanks visionaries like Derek Blasberg, Carine Roitfeld, and Jenna Lyons for inspiring her to lend her words to the ever-evolving world of fashion.
Learn the meaning of fall flowers. | JustFab Blog

Chances are you’re either hosting or attending some kind of holiday soiree this season. And, whether it’s a swanky dinner party or an all-out feast, one thing’s certain: you should never be without a bevvy of blooms. Gifting your host with a beautiful bouquet or assembling your own colorful table arrangement is so much more sentimental when there’s a little meaning behind the stems of your choice, right? And, take it from us – knowing these simple facts can prompt some seriously awesome table convos, too!

Meaning of summer's hottest flowers

When gifting flowers, there are no specific rules of thumb. In fact, many people make up their own meanings behind the blooms they choose, as a single stem may remind them of a special event or beautiful moment in their life. And, while flowers are an always-thoughtful gift, it makes the gift giving (and receiving!) experience a little more personal when there’s a little significance behind your choice of blooms. So, whether you’re trying to sweeten up your next summer soiree, add a pop of pretty to a clutter-filled workspace, or gift your BFF with something spectacular, it’s always fun to get the down-low on the meanings behind summer’s sweetest flowers. And, thanks to LA’s urban botanicals, we did just that. Enjoy!

At-home spa treatments and chocolate face masks | JustFab blog

Truth: Chocolate really does do a body good! Besides the fact that it’s pretty darn tasty, did you know that your favorite treat reaps multiple beauty benefits as well? To start, the cocoa beans in chocolate are a great source of polyphenols, which just happen to have incredible antioxidant properties. Chocolate also contains healthy fats like cocoa and Shea butter which moisturize and provide anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin, while its caffeine content stimulates the body’s circulation, giving skin a healthy, youthful glow. Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that chocolate is a natural mood booster; its scent elevates levels of serotonin, which is a natural antidepressant. It’s no wonder spas around the world offer these indulgent (and super-pricey) treatments to their clients, but since we don’t all have the luxury of taking trips to the day spa on the reg, we found ways to make chocolate beauty treatments in the comfort of your own home (and, did we mention they’re calorie free?).

Turkey Leftovers Recipes | JustFab blog

Whether you celebrated with family and friends, stuffed your face like there was no tomorrow, or explained your life story to a distant relative, Thanksgiving is always a wonderful time. Food comas aside, the seasonally delicious treats associated with Turkey Day taste even better the morning after, so, before you grab the pyrex and pop your leftovers in the microwave, take a peek at the day-after-Thanksgiving recipes we can’t get enough of.  Now, there’s something to be thankful for.

Pretty hairstyles using JustFab jewelry

When it comes to haute holiday hairstyles, we’re ready to update the quintessential top bun. At the JustFab HQ, we take our locks from simple to stunning by pairing our ‘dos with some sparkling jewels! Thankfully, our super stylish staffers roll into the office rocking their favorite styles on the reg, so they were the perfect models to test some looks on. We grabbed the girls, plucked the jewelry they were wearing right off their bods and incorporated them into their hairstyles for the day. The result? Endless oohs and aahs heard from the conference room to the kitchen. Whether you’re looking to bring a little boho to your waves or add a little bling to your bun, we’ve got a style here for you!

diy beauty- pumpkin face mask by JustFab

Jazzing up your jack-o’-lantern just got a whole lot more rewarding. Why, you ask? Your leftover pumpkin gunk can be put to second use on your skin and hair! While pumpkins smell great and look pretty, these fruits (they grow on vines…duh!) are good for much more than carving this holiday season.  Pumpkin pulp is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids, loaded with antioxidants and enzymes, infused with beta-carotene, full of vitamins A and C, and packed with anti-inflammatory benefits. Plus, because they’re a rich source of potassium, pumpkins are especially useful in promoting the re-growth of hair. So, this season, instead of trashing that messy pulp, put it to good use on your skin and hair and concoct these easy-as-pumpkin-pie treatments with ingredients straight from your pantry.