About Nina Lenders
Nina first learned about the styling business while working for Drew Barrymore. She was influenced by the wardrobe stylists Barrymore and other A-list actors hired, so she learned the ropes by assisting other professionals. Nina has styled such celebrities as Kristen Bell, Kelly Osbourne and Charlize Theron. She has also worked on editorials for ELLEgirl, GQ, Nylon, People and Vanity Fair.
Western Trend

Hold on to your horses, everyone! There is a new fall trend in town, and I couldn’t be more ready! Western wear is back and influencing everything from boots to yoked shirts and white lace. For the first time in a long time, the cowgirl look (fringe and all) looks equally as good in the rodeo as it does on Rodeo (Drive, that is).


Studs have long been a part of our wardrobes. From the days of punk rock and ’80s hair metal, studs, spikes and grommets have provided us with the opportunity to add a little edge to our favorite looks. I couldn’t be more excited to continue to embrace this trend for fall.

Shades of Berry

Berry hues were seen all over the Fall 2012 runways, and I couldn’t be more ready to embrace them into my wardrobe. Summer was, of course, full of fun, bright colors, but I have always been a bigger fan of the subdued tones. Fall fashions have long been filled with grey, navy and black… all solid choices, no doubt. But this latest addition of berry colors has proved to be so refreshing!

Gold and Black

Black and gold are two major colors this fall. Black has long been a favorite color for most…simple and chic, not to mention slimming. The use of a metallic gold adds richness to bold blacks. Seen all over the runways from embellished shoes to trimmed jackets and mixed media bags, this color combination is sure to prove a winner this coming season.

Neon For Fall

Neon is one of the hottest trends this summer, and I’m just thrilled about it. We are seeing these bold hues in everything from clothing and handbags to jewelry and nail polish. Now, I know these bright colors are worn with great ease during the hot summer months, but as all the fall clothing starts hitting the stores, you might be asking yourself how to incorporate this trend into your fall wardrobe? The answer….ACCESSORIES! 

Animal Kingdom Intro

It’s a wild, wild world out there and what better way to show off your animal instincts than with the latest exotic prints. These fantastic animal prints seem to be a recurring theme in fashion. For decades we have seen stylish women showing a bit of flair with a great leopard heel or a reptile clutch. And so it continues with modern touches of zebra and giraffe prints while, of course, keeping the classic leopards and snakes in constant rotation.


Spring is finally upon us, or at least the newest fashions are, and I couldn’t be more excited about them! For a long time, fall has always been my favorite fashion season. I love the ability to add knits and leathers and jackets and scarves and boots to all of your outfits – almost like the layers and textures of your personality. It wasn’t until recently that I figured out that dressing for spring is actually much more difficult…an exercise in restraint and smart choices, if you will. Trying to convey the same persona with far fewer layers can prove challenging to say the least. So, with all of  the spring fashion starting to flood the stores and the literally ‘less is more’ factor coming into play, I thought it might be nice to zero-in on a few of my favorite trends this season.