About Nina Lenders
Nina first learned about the styling business while working for Drew Barrymore. She was influenced by the wardrobe stylists Barrymore and other A-list actors hired, so she learned the ropes by assisting other professionals. Nina has styled such celebrities as Kristen Bell, Kelly Osbourne and Charlize Theron. She has also worked on editorials for ELLEgirl, GQ, Nylon, People and Vanity Fair.

Even though spring is officially here, a lot of us are still braving freezing temperatures. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably dying to get into all of the amazing new trends. So I am here to help guide you through that process while still keeping warm! Here are a few of spring’s hottest trends and ways that you can incorporate them into your wardrobe right now.


In these cold winter months, I find that the majority of us are sticking to warm and cozy looks that generally fall into the neutral color palette: blacks, greys, browns and other more muted colors. In order to maintain a fluid look, it’s important that your handbag reflects that palette. Spring is still a few months out, so in the meantime, stick with something that works with what you’re wearing now!


The word ‘romantic’ often brings up images of pale pink ruffles or delicate white lace. What I love about this season’s version of the romantic trend is the darker vampire side that we don’t often get to embrace. It’s the perfect balance of soft and feminine with a bit of an edge. I love how sexy this trend can be without being overt or obvious. It’s more about the idea of what is underneath than what is actually showing.

Jewel Tones Intro

Fall is here and winter is coming. During the colder months, it seems we tend to lean toward the darker end of our closets: black, brown, navy… and more black. But this year, you can complement your darker duds with amazing rich jewel tones – they’re huge this season and were featured in the collections of some of the industry’s most influential designers.


Booties, booties, booties… where do I start?! It is my opinion that booties might be the best invention since sliced bread. And even that doesn’t give them enough credit! From flats to stilettos, wedges to block heels, booties have become as much of a staple in a modern woman’s wardrobe as the infamous little black dress. They can be worn with everything from jeans and floral day dresses to your hottest little cocktail numbers. As we walk our booties into fall, here are a few ways I love to wear them.


Maybe it has something to do with being born in the English countryside. Even though I only spent my first seven years there, I seem to have spent the rest of my life obsessed with traditional countryside garb. I remember briefly taking riding lessons as a child, but to be perfectly honest, I think I was more interested in the outfits than in winning any blue ribbons. That being said, this new equestrian trend feels right at home to me!

Western Trend

Hold on to your horses, everyone! There is a new fall trend in town, and I couldn’t be more ready! Western wear is back and influencing everything from boots to yoked shirts and white lace. For the first time in a long time, the cowgirl look (fringe and all) looks equally as good in the rodeo as it does on Rodeo (Drive, that is).


Studs have long been a part of our wardrobes. From the days of punk rock and ’80s hair metal, studs, spikes and grommets have provided us with the opportunity to add a little edge to our favorite looks. I couldn’t be more excited to continue to embrace this trend for fall.