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Maggie’s love of words dates back to the 4th grade when she was told she had a knack for the English language. Persuaded by her teacher to compete in a national spelling bee, she enthusiastically agreed, only to be unenthusiastically eliminated in round 2. Fortunately, things could only go up from there. Maggie majored in Advertising at Boston University and shortly after graduating started a tutoring company for college admissions essay prep. She spent a year and a half as the primary copywriter for JDate, as well other niche dating sites, before moving into the e-commerce/tech start-up world as a beauty and fashion writer. Currently, Maggie is the Senior Copywriter at JustFab, constantly on the hunt for the most clever shoe puns imaginable.

Aside from my usual arsenal of warm weather necessities (sandals, dresses, pastel colored bags – you get the idea) spring is practically synonymous with one super important style-must: MANICURES. Ladies, much like your hair, nails are one of your very best accessories and, unfortunately, they’re often forgotten when it comes to pulling a complete look together. But the truth is that rocking the perfect polish should be, in my opinion, seasonally mandatory because great nail art can really take your look from drab to, well, fab!


It’s me again with some real food for thought! Last Wednesday was National Cherry Pie Day and, in honor of such a special holiday, I wanted to share an equally special recipe with you! Truth be told I’m a huge dessert enthusiast and a lover of baking in general, and pies happen to be one of my favorite things to create in the kitchen. But as anyone who’s ever baked a pie can tell you, creating a moist filling and a perfectly golden brown lattice crust top is an art that can really take time … more time (or patience) than I have when my belly starts to rumble! That’s why I’m here to share with you what is arguably the easiest, quickest and most insanely delicious alternative to a traditional cherry pie: Cherry Dump Cake!  Deceive you not, this easier than pie recipe (see what I did there?) is made with a mere 4 ingredients and requires only that you know how to, you guessed it, dump everything in one pan! So grab your sweet tooth and enjoy!

3 easy dip recipes for National Chip Day | JustFab blog

As the weather begins to show subtle signs that we’re finally (and hopefully!) moving into a new season, I start to load up my spring food arsenal with new, delicious recipes that I can whip up quickly! As I’ve mentioned before, I love to host parties and generally find any excuse I can to have people over. Well, believe it or not, today is National Tortilla Chip Day so that gives me exactly the excuse I need to get the girls together and make some of my own favorite dips! Of course, when it comes to last-minute fetes I’m certainly not knocking the “just pop a few frozen pizzas in the oven and go” method, but I do find that it’s so much more enjoyable as the host(ess) when what you serve is what you create. And that’s why I love DIPS (aka anything that requires you to use more food, instead of a fork, to get it in your mouth)! Easy, fresh and fun, there are a bajillion different recipes out there that’ll satisfy just about any palate and below are a few faves that I just keep coming back to. Enjoy and happy celebrating!

DIY Flats with shoe clips | JustFab blog

A few weeks ago, I was getting dressed for an evening out with my girlfriends. I had just splurged on a great pair of leather pants, was sporting a really cute tunic and was, admittedly, having a great hair night. All that was left was the shoes. Unfortunately, even for as much as I love my stilettos (and believe me, I do), I just couldn’t bring myself to put on anything with a heel. So I rifled through a few boxes in my closet and pulled out a couple pairs of flats before deciding on Mira. I love this shoe; the color is dynamic and the ankle strap is flirty and sexy. But, even so, I was really craving some sparkle.


Behold the power of oats! January is National Oatmeal Month and, believe it or not, in addition to being the unofficial breakfast of winter, oatmeal also possesses some pretty rad beauty benefits! Ideal for sensitive skin and for the treatment of a plethora of itchy skin-related nuisances, this naturally cleansing vitamin and mineral rich substance is also intensively moisturizing and contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to soothe and brighten your skin. Seriously good enough to eat, head to the kitchen and get glowing with these 5 easy recipes you can whip up in minutes. From your hair all the way down to your toes, oatmeal is proof that sometimes the best beauty treatments are just sitting in your cupboard!

How to decorate mistletoe | JustFab Blog

Mistletoe: A simple plant with a passionate purpose! I’ve been subjected to the motives of this greenery on numerous holiday occasions (whether I wanted to is a separate issue) but never knew, until now, why such a seemingly ordinary shrub has demanded us to lock lips when we pass beneath it. Even now, mistletoe’s connection to kissing is still fairly mysterious, though it’s been said to derive from early Norse mythology when, as the story goes, a malevolent spirit destroys a god (Balder) with an arrow made of the plant. When Balder is brought back to life, his mother (the goddess of love) is so appreciative that she kisses anyone who walks under a mistletoe branch.

Ugly Holiday Sweater DIY | JustFab blog

It’s that time of year again: Bake some cookies, serve up some egg nog and get your ugly holiday sweater on! As I’m sure many of you have, I’ve been to my fair share of ugly sweater parties and I do my best each year to out-do everyone else. This year, however, I decided not to limit myself to something itchy, bulky and embroidered with reindeer and snowflakes. Instead, I wanted to try something a little different and slightly (and I mean only ever-so-slightly) more on “trend.” So, to get you in the spirit, and in lieu of posting links to a few of my favorites sweaters, I thought it would be more enjoyable if I shared with you my attempt at a DIY Ugly LBD (see main picture).


Heading anywhere special for the holidays? Planning a visit to grandma’s house? Hey, unless you’re living a real episode of Everybody Loves Raymond and your in-laws live two doors down, chances are you’ll be partaking in some sort of travel in the next month or so. And whether it’s by plane, train, bus or automobile, solo or with your family, I think it’s fair to say that travel is generally equated with a certain level of stress. Am I right? Yes. That said, I do find that I can cut said inevitable stress when I know I’m prepared for a possible snafu. I guess that’s the hard, cold lesson you learn from having your luggage lost not one, not two, but three years in a row during Christmas time. Yes, that really did happen to me. As such, I present to you my personal list or, rather, travel bible for the Top 10 Must-Have-With-You-At-All-Times-In-Case-Of-Emergencies List (in no particular order)