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George is a fashion stylist who has dressed an endless list of celebrities, socialites and CEOs. In addition to serving as co-host of E! Network’s Fashion Police, George is the style director of C magazine. He previously worked for MSNBC’s The Hot List as an on-air fashion correspondent and The New York Times Magazine as associate fashion editor/producer.
Perfectly perforated | How to wear this trend | JustFab Blog

Perforation is a very timely trend for spring/summer as it brings an overall lightness to heavy materials, which is important in the warmer months.  A perforated bag will be literally lighter, making it ideal for travel, and perforated shoes will allow your feet to breathe while giving you coverage, which is especially convenient if you haven’t had time to get a pedicure.  Plus, there’s almost always some type of athletic trend happening on the spring runways, and perforation falls into that category, mimicking the fabric of a sports jersey.

George Kotsiopoulos talks about JustFab's latest spring collection | JustFab Blog

Historically, pre-spring collections are known as resort fashion, created for people who are escaping snowstorms to vacation in tropical places. But you don’t need to be headed on an exotic trip to wear pre-spring styles.  It’s appropriate to infuse bright color into your wardrobe at any time of year; you can never go wrong unless it’s a strictly seasonal fabric like linen or straw. And other brightly colored materials such as leather or suede are of course fine any time of year.  Just as everyone eagerly awaits the first signs of spring, JustFab has introduced a pre-spring collection featuring new pieces that can be integrated into your wardrobe now or later.

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The color nude is not universal– it may be a light tan for one person and a darker cocoa for someone else. This is something to keep in mind when wearing the hue, particularly with shoes. There’s an idea that nude shoes work with everything because they blend in, and to an extent they do.  A nude shoe is a perfect solution when you’re not really sure what matches your outfit.

5 Trends to Stay in 2013 | JustFab Blog

2013 has really been a fantastic year for fashion. Believe it or not, there aren’t too many terrible trends that I’d like to see go, but I was able to come up with a list of five that I’d love to see the Times Square ball drop on…


There are two kinds of daughter-in-laws in the world – those who are cherished (the darling daughter-in-law) and those who are, well, under-appreciated. When dressing for events with this part of your family, it’s important to think about your in-laws and what is going to go over best. Is it a treat for them to see you all dolled up at holidays and big events? Or do they prefer that you stay in the background (and out of your mother-in-law’s spotlight)?

Miley Cyrus Punk

Punk and grunge are two hot fall trends that show no signs of stopping. While a common interpretation of punk includes straps, safety pins, leather and more, punk was actually started as an anti-establishment movement. Grunge could be considered a distant relative; it’s a softened version of punk in a way, created in response to the excess of the ’80s. While punk is harsher and more costume-y, grunge is a bit more stripped back, dirty and disheveled.


Menswear is one of those trends that just won’t die, so if you haven’t incorporated it into your wardrobe yet, what are you waiting for? Know that it’s possible to wear pieces borrowed from the boys without looking like one. Here are a few of my favorite ladylike ways to wear menswear for fall.