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Gary’s is JustFab’s Social Media Content moderator. He relocated to California by the way of North Carolina. He brings his southern charm and sense of style to the team. He started his career with JustFab at our North Carolina office working in our Member Services Department, and continues to put customers first. In his spare time he enjoys thrifting, art shows, going to the beach and reading. His sense of style would be defined as urban yet eccentric.

As we celebrate National Humor Month we find it to be very important to recognize some of the funniest leading ladies in the industry. We want to recognize all they have done as the funny women that we know. As Tina Fey says, “You can tell how smart people are by what they laugh at.” Enjoy our list and check out some of these women for yourself.


March is National Women’s History month and we want to recognize major women in fashion who are iconic and legendary for their contribution to the industry. We celebrate these amazing women in fashion for their character, courage and commitment. The women listed below are not only strong, but in my eyes, true fashionistas.


As we celebrate Presidents Day, let’s not forget the women that have filled the important role of First Lady. These influential and intelligent women stood beside their husbands and advocated for issues dear to their hearts. The First Ladies were also significant in the world of fashion, so much so that Vogue has featured First Ladies in their pages since 1929. We’re thrilled to spotlight the gorgeous portraits from the Vogue archives, see the images below.


Are you single and ready to get Valentine’s Day over with? Not so fast, you can celebrate yourself, as well as the love you have for friends and family. There are conflicting dates for Singles Awareness Day, February 13th or 15th, so, we’re encouraging you to celebrate the entire week! Read on for a complete list of ways you make the most of this week of self-love.

Top Ski Resort Destinations

Are you ready for a winter getaway? Well, we have insight into a wonderful destination, a ski trip! Whether you’re looking for a solo trip, with your significant other, or friends and family, you’ll find a ski resort just for you. We’re excited for you to learn about the following 4 top ski destinations.


It’s the first month of the new year. A time to focus on new beginnings, goals and health. It also happens to be National Hot Tea Month. What better time to celebrate than during this time of extremely cold temperatures? The drop in temperature can do a number on your body, which is why I’ve rounded up soothing tea remedies to alleviate and prevent common winter ailments. From cold prevention to beauty boosters, give these hot teas a try. 


This year was a great year for music. Some of the artists we know and love, Katy Perry and Drake, surprised us with amazing hits, and we were also introduced to new breakout artists, such as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Lana Del Rey. Whether you like a slow melodic beat or fast paced dance tracks, the top songs of 2013 include something for everyone. We’ve compiled a mix of everything from pop to rock for you to kick off your New Year’s Eve festivities.


Are you ready to ring in the new year? Yes, 2013 was wonderful, we learned a great deal about ourselves and took risks, and survived! So why not celebrate the year’s accomplishments and toast to the milestones 2014 has in store? Before you finalize your NYE plans, check out four glam outfit ideas to inspire your party style. Because bringing in the new year in style is a must!