Tips and Tricks to Dress for Your Body Type

16th Mar 2014 / By Kristin Hilton

Let’s talk body types. It’s no secret that we’re not all shaped the same. Differences in body types have caused their fair share of dressing room trauma. After all, who hasn’t picked up a dress that looks great on the hanger but bombs once it’s on? With a few tips, those days can be over.

There are four main body types: hourglass, pear, apple, and rectangle. Each one has its perks and problems. Knowing your body type helps you know what will look best on you.


Hourglasses have curves in all the right places. This is the Wonder Woman, Marilyn Monroe body type, where the bust and hip measurements are roughly equal but the waist is narrow, forming an hourglass shape. If you’re an hourglass, wear tailored styles that show off your proportions.

What to wear
Fitted dresses, wrap dresses, tailored jackets, high-waisted pants, and fabrics with a bit of stretch.

What to avoid
Boxy/shapeless styles, baggy cardigans, baby-doll dresses, and tunics.

Your perfect spring dress
JustFab’s Angelica Bodycon is fitted with a bit of stretch. Its triangular patterns mirror your natural curves.



If you’re tiny up top but your hips don’t lie, you are a pear. Pears are proportionally larger on the bottom and carry their weight in their hips and rear. While there are times when you might want to show off your Kim Kardashian butt, more often than not you want to draw attention upward to your waist and upper body.

What to wear
Full or A-line skirts, tops with visual interest (ruffles, bold patterns), boat necks, belted dresses, and flirty tea dresses.

What to avoid
Brightly colored skirts and pants, tube-shaped dresses, skinny jeans, and thin fabrics that cling to your hips and butt.

Your perfect spring dress
Our Audrey Party Dress has a full skirt, a cinched waist, and a textured, lacy top that draw the eye upward.



With killer legs and a great bust, apples thrive in swimsuit season. However, they can appear top heavy, with wide shoulders and the tendency to gain weight around the middle. Unlike pears, you want to draw attention away from your waist and toward your long, slender limbs.

What to wear
A supportive bra, V-neck tops, loose-fitting shirts, pencil skirts, miniskirts, sleeveless and strapless styles, heels, and bangles.

What to avoid
Waist belts and cinched waists, tightly fitted tops, bulky shoulder bags (carry a clutch or a purse with a long strap instead).

Your perfect spring dress
Show off your legs in our effortless Amanda Day Dress. The v-neck and long, vertical zipper are flattering, and the bold pattern can disguise the lack of a defined waist.



The twig. The column. The ruler. If you are straight-up-and-down, welcome to life as a rectangle. The good news is that you can pull off a lot of styles that other body types can’t. Because the rectangle can appear boyish, it’s best to wear clothes that give the illusion of curves.

What to wear:
Flowy fabrics with belts, tops with ruching, rompers, drop-waisted dresses, cinched dresses, and asymmetrical necklines/hemlines.

What to avoid
Square necklines, boxy dresses, tight-all-over styles and empire waists.

Your perfect spring dress
The beach-ready Olivia Sheer Maxi complements long, lean figures. It drapes well, and the asymmetrical hem keeps the dress from looking boxy.


Remember, dressing for your body type is not just about covering up problem areas—it’s about showing off your best features! This spring, find the styles that make you dance in the dressing room.


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