Magazine Workouts: Do They Really Work?

6th Jan 2014 / By Jillian Dauer

It’s the beginning of the New Year, and no doubt a resolution high on people’s lists is ‘Getting Into Shape.’ I’m no exception. One of my favorite Christmas presents was a Fitbit, which will surely boost my motivation. As a fitness enthusiast, I’ve been a subscriber to Fitness and Shape magazines for the past year. Each issue is filled with workouts that make tempting promises, like how to get Flat Abs Fast and Sexy Arms In 6 Moves. But it’s rare that I ever actually try one. Until now.

I may do a lot of cardio, but one area of my body that could use some serious toning is my abs. So I’m going to put Fitness magazine’s “Wow Abs Now: Two Week Ab Makeover Workout‘ to the test. Over the next two weeks, I will follow the instructions of this ‘killer belly-cinching session’ with the hope of ‘tightening up.’

Although the article ran in the June 2013 issue, the corresponding video is still available at No need to wait until summer to shape up… I want to start 2014 with a bangin’ bod!

Challenge Overview:

  • 8 moves, 3 times a week for 2 weeks
  • Mix in 3 minutes of cardio: 1 minute after every 2 exercises

My workout will look like this:

  1. Scissors Crunch
  2. Ballerina Abs
  3. Cardio: Mountain Climbers
  4. Kneeling Side Crunch
  5. Stir The Pot
  6. Cardio: Burpees
  7. Frog Lift
  8. Side-Plank Cancan
  9. Cardio: Jumping Jacks
  10. Rocking Raise
  11. Cheerleader

Wish me luck! I’ll report back at the end of the month with my results. Of course, you’re welcome to join me! Complete your own 2-week challenge and let me know how you do in the Comments.


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Luci Tokar Taylor
Luci Tokar Taylor

cute workout clothes, would really make you work to get the body to look good in it! I love this!! Very Sharp!

Katerina G. Vitt
Katerina G. Vitt

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JustFab Socialites
JustFab Socialites

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Mandee Nye
Mandee Nye

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Star Thurston
Star Thurston

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Sonia Balderas
Sonia Balderas

That reminds me my new years resolution shoot! Let me get started :-) lol

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