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In the Nude: How to Wear Neutral Shades

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The color nude is not universal– it may be a light tan for one person and a darker cocoa for someone else. This is something to keep in mind when wearing the hue, particularly with shoes. There’s an idea that nude shoes work with everything because they blend in, and to an extent they do.  A nude shoe is a perfect solution when you’re not really sure what matches your outfit.

However, I love a nude shoe as part of many other fashion scenarios. It looks great with a red daytime outfit when black would be too severe. Many people have a problem wearing black with navy, so nude is terrific to wear with that shade too.  Nude shoes also wear well with prints. I like to recommend pulling one of the colors from a print when selecting accessories, but if you don’t have shoes in one of those colors, nude will always work. Also, when color blocking, say, three colors, it might be too much to pick up one of those colors, so nude is a nice alternative.  Finally, if you’re wearing a long, sheer look, it’s smart to go with a hint of a shoe instead of a statement.

A bonus of wearing nude shoes is that they elongate the leg, giving the appearance of a longer silhouette.  And if you’re gun shy about wearing ankle strap shoes for fear of them making your legs appear shorter, wearing them in nude will circumvent that problem.

But nude isn’t just for accessories – here are some of my favorite nude-hued celebrity looks as of late:

Jennifer Lopez: Liquid metallics are a big trend for spring, and here they are in separates. Wearing metallics in a neutral tone allows you to be shiny and sparkly in a subdued and elegant way.

Meagan Good: This dress is an interesting shade because it’s a dark enough to appear nude on her.  This is a good example of finding a nude that suits your skin tone… this shade wouldn’t work on someone olive skinned because it would wash her out.

Cate Blanchett: This is a beautifully constructed couture dress with exquisite lace detail, but the fact that it’s in Cate’s exact skin tone literally tones the dress down.  You can go more elaborate with embellishments and details in a nude dress.

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