Holiday Style Guide: How To Dress For Every Party

8th Dec 2013 / By Nina Lenders

The holidays are not only approaching, but they are here my friends! It’s time to strap on your party shoes and get ready for all of the exciting holiday celebrations. We all know how wild the company holiday party can get, how fun our friend’s New Year’s party always is, and how comforting celebrating with our families can be, but somehow, I know we can all get a bit perplexed as to what the appropriate thing to wear is. Here are a few tricks to help you pull off your numerous events this holiday season with style, grace, and most importantly, fun. 


For a lot of us, this is the one time of year we really get to have FUN at work, but we still have to keep in mind that it’s WORK. This is not the time to break out your new “clubbing with your girlfriends dress.” I know you may want to show off a different side that you don’t normally get to embrace in your daily office look, but it’s important to keep it classy. Steer away from anything too revealing or sheer and try to focus on elegant pieces that will keep your reputation in tact on Monday Morning. Try a great fitted skirt with a beautiful blouse and statement necklace, or a form fitting dress that hits at the knee, without too much cleavage, with a fantastic pair of pumps. I know this might sound a bit boring, but this is a great time to keep your look clean and sophisticated while dressing it up with great jewelry, bags and shoes.

Professional Party Look


Depending on your family, these events can range from super dressy to uber casual. It’s important to always know what you are walking into. Maybe your family opens presents in sweatpants, but your new boyfriend’s family does it at the country club…jacket and tie required if you know what I mean. Once you have ascertained the dress code, it’s important to find something that you feel comfortable in. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones that has a perfect relationship with every member of your family, but if you aren’t, these situations can prove to be a bit stressful at times. Being comfortable in your skin as well as your outfit can really help. This is also a time where, depending on your family, you are likely to see people from many generations. To play it safe, I would opt for a more modest and timeless look. Not to mention, this is also an opportune time for family photographs…keeping your look classic, elegant and timeless may save you years of embarrassment down the road.

Family Function Attire


Unlike your corporate party or your family gathering, this is really the time to let yourself go wild. Experiment, try out new styles and most important have fun with your look. I always suggest one keeps their body type and figure in mind. Go for shapes that are flattering in fun fabrics…here’s your chance to wear sequins and leather and brocade…oh my! Try to stay away from anything that feels too casual or boring…this is a time to celebrate after all. Make sure your accessories and handbag are especially on point. There is no better way to kill an amazing evening look than to pair it with a daytime bag. Make sure you have the right clutch, shoes and, of course, jewelry.

Fun With Friends Ensemble

I know we all have a lot going on this season and it’s sometimes hard to find the time to plan our looks. Here’s hoping these pointers will help you in that process.

Happy holidays and hope this New Year brings you all the joy and happiness your heart desires!!



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I love all your collections, I just wish you have more on size 5 for the shoes specially the pumps, high heels, and I am so sure that you will get more customer, like my friends who have small feet,


@Merle heheh, aawwww, I feel your pain. Most of the women in my family have super tiny feet. I guess to big or small it's always hard. But Justfab is so cool, they cater to all there customers so they should be coming up with something soon.... Happy Holiday's 


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