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4 Fashion Lessons from Princess Diana


One of the world’s most loved figures, Princess Diana, is once again in the spotlight. On November 1, a new biopic about the last two years of Princess Diana’s life, titled Diana, will be releasing to U.S. audiences. Living in the spotlight, Diana became an expert at dressing for the camera. Her fashion lessons were timeless, just like her style.

1. Color is the camera’s best friend.

Anna, the former fashion editor who helped Diana transform her wardrobe, shared in a Channel 4 documentary that during the early years of her marriage, Diana began dressing with an eye to the camera. “We used lots of happy, upbeat colours at first. If you look back she was very seldom was dressed in navies or greys.”

2. Dress for your body type.

Lady Di always took care of her figure, but no matter her size, she dressed to accentuate her best assets. She was often found in fitted skirts, sleeveless shirts, and clothing cinched at the waistline. To play off her iconic hairstyle, she always wore earrings to draw attention to her beautiful features.

3. The only thing better than revenge is a revenge dress.

Kerry Taylor who sold Diana’s dresses at auction noted that the above black Christina Stambolian dress was worn the same evening Prince Charles confessed to his adultery with Camilla. “We called that ‘The Revenge Dress’,” says Kerry, “Diana had a public engagement at the Serpentine gallery and while some would have been like ‘I can’t face it this evening’ Diana went out in that dress looking drop dead gorgeous. She made a big statement right there.”

4. You can be sexy yet elegant.

As a royal figure, Diana always had to portray an air of elegance. But as she grew older and gained confidence, it was important to her to be an individual and push boundaries. Modest hemlines were combined with showing some skin on top.


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I loved all four tips. I think it's safe to say that Dirty Diana slayed the fashion world and her style has prevailed after her passing. She was a modern day Jackie O. Although I don't wish death on any of my current fave celebs, I wonder who will be the next icon that leaves behind a legacy of style.