Good Enough To Eat – Fall Fashion Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries

23rd Oct 2013 / By Nina Lenders

Maroon has long been one of the staple colors we tend to see a lot of in designers’ fall collections. This season, we are seeing an interesting array of deep maroons mixed with a variety of berry to cherry tones. Designers are using this color palette on everything from knits and satins to leathers and exotic skins. Not only are we finding this trend in clothing, but also in beauty! Here’s how you can embrace these succulent shades this season.

Burberry showed a collection full of berry-colored leather trench coats and skirts, exotic skin jackets, embellished skirts and amazing knits. Because the fashion house incorporated so many textures into its collection, most of the looks remained monochromatic, allowing each texture to take charge.

Burberry Runway

Meanwhile, Marc by Marc Jacobs showed more satins, crepes and knits. By going with smoother fabrics, his collection played more with mixing these hues in less traditional ways… really allowing the colors to speak for themselves.

Valentino showed its signature cherry red in the fall collection, but also mixed in some slightly deeper tones in an amazing fur coat with an Elizabethan Dalmation-printed fur collar, as well as a fantastic leather dress with a white lace collar.


But this season, the berry to cherry trend doesn’t stop with fashion. It has also taken a hold of the beauty industry giving us another bold way to incorporate this trend into our fall looks. Berry-colored lips are a big hit this season. We are seeing everything from a more subdued lightly stained berry lip for day to bold black cherry lips at night.

Cherry Lips

And, of course, let’s not forget about our nails. This fall, it’s time to put away the neon polish and embrace the darker mood of fall with black cherry colors.

Cherry Nails

This is really one of the key trends this season that I am most excited about. With such a variety of ways to wear it, from monochromatic to mixed hues, bold outwear to lip and nail colors, how could you not find a way to get at least a taste of this trend in your wardrobe?



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Catherine Everett
Catherine Everett

Who in their right mind thinks it's sexy to have greasy looking hair or to look like you stuck your finger in a light socket?

Cristy Torres
Cristy Torres

please tell them that if they are a vip member they will be charged 39.99 a month and its almost impossible to cancel...JustFab you really need to make that clear

JustFab Socialites
JustFab Socialites

Hi Diamond, sorry for any confusion. If you're a brand new member, you can definitely avail of our BOGO offer that can be found under the Sale tab in your boutique. To become a VIP, you just have to choose the VIP option at checkout when completing your 1st purchase. For any help, reach our Fashion Consultants 24/7 at 866.337.0906 or via Live Chat M/F 6a-9p EST. :) -Vanessa P.

JustFab Socialites
JustFab Socialites

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Diamond Nichole
Diamond Nichole

how do you become VIP. This is very inconvenient for new members like me. Your advertisement made me think I can actually buy 1 get 1 that's why i signed up!

Nicole White
Nicole White

If I buy a pair of shoes for 39.95 is the second pair free ( different style ) . I see on your website only 1 pair is $39.95 / I don't understand !

CJ Swanson
CJ Swanson

Love Berry in Autumn & Red during the Holidays! ;)

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