5 Easy Steps To A Stunning Holiday Centerpiece

30th Oct 2013 / By Maggie E

Fall is officially in the air which means it’s time to break out the cashmere, grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte (mmmm!) and get your decorating on! For me, there are few things I love more than seasonal flowers, and having an arrangement on my dining room table is always a must during the holidays, especially when I’m hosting a festive dinner party. This year, in addition to making sure my house smells like nutmeg and cinnamon 24/7, I really want to take my autumn ornamentation up an elegant notch and I think I’ve found the perfect way!  A combination of my three fall faves – pumpkins, gold accents and fresh flora – this oh-so-easy DIY vase arrangement will up the chic factor in your home tenfold and leave your friends and family in total awe!

What you’ll need: A pumpkin, gold spray paint, a small vase, empty paint can or plastic bucket, Washi Tape or Artist’s Tape and a bouquet of your favorite flowers.

JustFab| Fall Flower Arrangement DIY

1.    Start by cutting off the top of a round pumpkin and scoop out all the goop. Round symmetrical pumpkins are better! And try to scrape as much of the pumpkin slime as possible because a wet pumpkin = quick rotting. Feel free to toss the top, you won’t need it.
2.    Next, lay out a few sheets of old newspaper and coat the body of your pumpkin with metallic gold spray paint. I’m using Krylon Premium 18kt Gold Plate Spray paint which is going to give it a polished finish, but if you’re not into high-shine, choose a matte spray.
3.    Once the paint has dried, which should happen within minutes, fill your empty can or vase with water and line the top of it with your tape in a lattice formation (think of it like a checkerboard or the top of a pie). Doing this gives your flowers something to lean on and prevents the stems from bending or moving around.
4.    Then, place your freshly taped, water-filled vase inside the pumpkin.
5.    Finally, cuts the stems of your bouquet so that the head of your flowers rests just above/on top of the pumpkin. All you have left to do is fill your vase stem by stem (play around with design and positioning) and…voila!

I chose Hydrangeas with sprigs of greenery, plus one single ginger flower for a pop of color. I love the fullness of Hydrangeas and the subtle cream and green hues against the gold base. And while your pumpkin vase definitely won’t last forever, these 5 easy steps mean you can recreate the look anytime you want, even after the holidays are over!

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