12 Style Disasters Every Fashionista Fears

29th Oct 2013 / By Melina P

We all have them, obsessive thoughts of fashion mishaps, that easily border phobias. In honor of Halloween, we’ve decided to come clean and share our biggest fashion fears.  From hitting the ground face-first in heels, to spilling food on an all-white ensemble, here are illustrations of silly, but possible, style scenarios that fill us with sheer terror. 

JustFab | Fashion Fears

1. You know that amazing little black dress you scored on sale? Well, it’s navy, better switch your shoes!
2. The dreaded toe overhang. It’s the reason you walk around your house in open-toe shoes before debuting them in public, just in case.
3. The thought of being tagged in photos on Facebook, or Instagram, in the same outfit, more than once, spooky!
4. Eeep, muffin top, it’s the reason we appreciate flattering mid-rise jeans.
5. Mispronouncing a designer’s name, oh the shame, it’s best to Google phonetic pronunciations.
6. Planning your fancy fete outfit weeks in advance, only to show up and spot a party goer in your dress, ugh!
7. Tripping in your hot, new heels face first, no!
8. An important meeting or special event outfit ruined by pet hair, we’ve been there! Our adorably furry pet is the reason we keep a lint roller on us, at all times.
9. What do you mean I can’t mix prints quite like my favorite fashion blogger?!
10. Parting with memories, the hope that our fave dress from college will someday fit, there are plenty of reasons why purging, organizing and donating items from our closet give us major anxiety.
11. We are not above camping out for an awesome sale, which is why finding out about a sale, even a few hours too late, is the worst!
12. I mean, they don’t really mean you have to dry clean your amazing satin blouses, or do they?

What are your fashion fears?

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