8 Style Tips for Chic Moms on the Go

12th Sep 2013 / By Guest Contributor

Have you ever encountered a fashionable mom and wondered, how does she do it? Between kids and chaos life stirs up, how does she manage to look put together? We’re sharing our best tricks to help you look stylish and chic, despite your crazy, on-the-go schedule. 

1.     Practical and Cute Shoes: If you’re constantly on the go, you’ll need a pair of comfortable shoes to run around in. Keep an extra pair of cute wedges, flats or boots in your car, in case you ever need to make a quick change. Thankfully, boot season is almost here and with a wide array of boot choices, you’ll be able to stay comfortable and chic throughout fall.

2.     Makeup Essentials Kit: If you’re around kids all day, you definitely stand the chance of working up a sweat and looking disheveled. An emergency makeup kit can help you freshen up on the go and fix any mishaps that occur throughout the day. Some essentials you can keep in your kit are powder, blush, lipstick, mascara, bobby pins, comb and hair ties.

3.     Easy-to-Wear Dresses: Dresses are just about the easiest things to put on when you are in a rush to get dressed and get out. Stock up on a few easy-to-wear dresses in bold or patterned colors, so that your entire look seems chic and easy!

4.     Add Accessories to Every Outfit: One of the simplest ways to look glam-on-the-go is to add accessories to every look. Make your outfit pop by adding a statement necklace in a bright and bold color. You can also dress up any outfit by adding long strands of layered necklaces, scarves, bracelets and dangling earrings.

5.     Glam It Up With Sunglasses: Even moms who don’t have time to put on make up can get away with looking fabulous. Throw on a pair of beautiful sunglasses, tie up your hair in a loose, messy bun and paparazzi might even mistake you for a celebrity!

6.     Not-So-Mom Jeans: Every mom wants to lounge in sweats, but the surest way to look chic and put together is to invest in that one pair of jeans that will flatter your body. With the right pair of jeans, you’ll look like you’re rocking every outfit and look so effortless, that other moms will wonder “how does she do it?!”

7.     Plan Your Outfit in Advance: Prevent morning-stress by laying out your outfit for the following day in advance. Not only will it save you precious minutes that you’ll need to get your kids ready for school, but it will help you avoid putting on an odd ensemble that would get you on the feature of “what not to wear”.

 8.     Get your beauty sleep! The best-kept secret that every fabulous mom knows is to get a good night’s rest! Beauty sleep will help you feel well rested, improve your skin and avoid getting those dreaded eye-bags.

Are you a busy mom on-the-go? Share your favorite style tips below!

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I Think Those Are All Great Ideas, But I Don't Have The Money To Buy A Few Nice Things.


I am a new mom, with an 8 month old daughter and a trick to helping me stay my old self is, when I put her to bed I take an hour to myself. Gives me time to relax in the tub have a glass of wine and then go to bed before she wakes up. In the morning I get up an hour earlier then her and this gives me time to put on my mascara ( hold the applesauce).

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