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5 Fitness Crazes To Try Now

Are you tired of your exercise routine? Is it becoming nonexistent? Let us help you mix it up! Working out should be fun, not frustrating. And with summer in full force, maintaining that bikini body is more important than ever. That’s why me and 3 of JustFab’s social media mavens tried a few new group exercise classes at our local Spectrum Club. Jump-start your workout routine with these 5 fabulous classes that will whip you into shape without beating you down.

find flattering justfab sunglasses for your face shape

What better way to celebrate National Sunglasses Day than with warm weather and a chic pair of shades!? This must-have summer accessory protects your peepers from the sun’s rays, and can totally complete an outfit. When it comes to selecting the perfect-pair, choose a style that flatters your facial features from all angles. Read on to find the most flattering sunnies for your face shape.

Hair in 1920s and 1930s

While as a stylist and fashion editor I spend a lot of time creating the perfect outfit, a head to toe look is not complete without hair. I’ve seen shots achieve perfection – and fall flat- all due to a hairdo. In an attempt to get hairstlying the recognition it deserves, Hollywood hairstylist Ted Gibson even launched a campaign to try and get hairstylists acknowledged in their own category (separate from makeup) at the Academy Awards. In honor of Beautician’s Day and everything they do to help us look like our most glamorous selves, I’ve selected some of my favorite hairstyles from days gone by.


Summer 2013 is proving to be the summer of music! Whether you enjoy country, pop, rock, and everything in between, you’re sure to find an act you’ll love. Check out my list of must-see summer concerts and get a glimpse of what you can expect.

With summer here, that only means one thing: lots of movies to keep you entertained! Of course, summer movies means movie premieres where starlets show off their amazing red carpet style. Read on to see how you can capture a little glamour from these leading ladies for your next night out!  

National Pink Day Shoes

From the day we’re born, we’re assigned a color to signify our gender: blue for boys; pink for girls. Parents dress their babies in these symbolic shades to proudly proclaim their child’s gender and avoid awkwardness from passersby (“Oh, your baby is adorable! Is it a boy or a girl?”). This practice also educates us at an early age which hues to gravitate toward (and stay away from) when we’re old enough to start choosing our own clothes. Personally, I’m not a huge pink fan; purple is more my color. But, in honor of National Pink Day, I’ve selected some pretty pieces to help you embrace your feminine fashion.