Kimora: House of Fab Episode 2 Recap & Bar Confessionals

31st Jan 2013 / By Natasha K

In this week’s episode of “Bar Confessionals”, Director of Merchandising, Lesley, and Accessories Buyer, Rose answer your questions from last night’s show, and they share their insider fashion advice!

Did you catch last night’s episode of “Kimora: House of Fab”? If you missed it, we have a recap below.

Episode 2 Show Recap:

  • Kimora tried her hand at Customer Service and answers a few member phone calls. In the end, she found customer service was best left to the customer service professionals.
  • Kim, VP of PR and Communication, roped in an interview opportunity with OK! Magazine. Kimora wanted to make sure she was portrayed as more than just a “fluffy model”.
  • Sandra, SVP of Marketing, and Kim announced a company wide contest. They chose team leaders and teams, and asked each team to present a JustFab viral video concept. The winning team won an additional paid vacation day.
  • Johnny, Senior Graphic Designer, and Lesley, Director of Merchandising, experienced some conflict when Johnny struted off wearing one of Lesley’s samples. Lesley became annoyed because she needed the shoe for a photo shoot.
  • Later, Johnny was less than thrilled to find out that Lesley is on his viral video team.
  • JustFab partners, and beauty vloggers, Elle and Blair were nominated for the Teen Choice Award for “Best Web Star”. Kim lets her PR Team (Sarah and Ashley) be responsible for styling and media prepping them. Sarah and Ashley were nervous because they are media prep first timers.
  • Johnny is determined to win the viral video contest and reached out to his friend Mike, who is a music producer. Mike gave him a sick beat and some rap lessons.
  • Lianca, Photo Shoot Producer, was responsible for helping Kimora and her stylist pick out outfits for the OK! Magazine photoshoot, she wanted a look that is “a balance between presidential and sexy super model.”
  • All the team began to brainstorm their concepts, but unfortunately no one came to PR coordinator Sarah’s planning meeting .
  • Webstars Elle and Blair came to the JustFab office to try on looks, but Blair wanted a shoe that is not available in her size. The PR gals filled them with “Fabsoles” to make them work.
  • During the OK! Magazine photoshoot the reporter asked Kimora if she goes both ways. Kimora handled the situation with finesse. Even with that question, Kim was happy with the end result of that article.
  • Johnny called a last minute meeting for his group to practice. Lesley was upset because she wants more notice for a dance practice. She left the practice because she thinks its unprofessional,and Johnny gets upset and says a few angry words. Coworkers help Johnny and Lesley make amends.
  • All the teams presented their viral video concepts, the judges Co-CEO’s Don and Adam, SVP of Marketing Sandra, VP of PR Kim, and Art Director Alyson deliberatedon the ideas. They decided that Johnny’s concept was most brand appropriate.

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– Natasha Khan

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Flowers by the Sea
Flowers by the Sea

I saw the Just Fab website this past June and found a cute pair of sandals for only $19.95 and FREE shipping!  What I didn't do was read the fine print on how this scam really works.  I have been charged $39.95 every month starting in July because I forgot to sign in a check a "Skip this month" icon.  So, you see, these sandals have cost me another $120!!  OOOOPPPS!!! My bad...I have called twice to get help...So, far, not good!  My advice to you:  Don't join unless you are going to be relentless about signing in every month.  You will be charged $39.95 for nothing at all.


Someone should get them Jenny Craig's number!!

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