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Match Our Pets To Their JustFab Owners


The holidays mean more time with friends, family, and our adorable pets. These JustFab staffers can’t wait for the holidays, and don’t mind dressing up their unsuspecting pets to prove it! Can you match the holidays ready pet to their JustFab parent?

Do pet’s really look like their owners? See the answers below!

ANSWERS: (A,4; B,1; C,7; D,5; E,3; F,6; G,2)

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Natasha is the Director of Social Media at JustFab; a nomad who has lived in 8 cities; and a proud member of the Social Media “Socialites”. Before JustFab, she led the social media program at indie e-tailer ModCloth. Her personal style can be described as girly, casual and vintage-inspired. Outside of social media and fashion, she is passionate about dancing, crafting, social good initiatives and writing. She has been the publisher of, an e-zine for South Asian-American women, since 2004.

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My guesses were the following: (obviously before I realized the answers were right on the bottom lol)  A: 5, B:1, C: 7, D: 3, E: 2, F: 6, and G: 4.