Elle’s Top Tips For Looking Fab On NYE

22nd Dec 2012 / By Elle & Blair Fowler
Elle NYE Makeup

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, so I thought it would be the perfect topic for today’s blog. New Year’s Eve is the perfect night to go all out with your makeup, because it is one of the only nights that you can get away with anything! Here are a few of my NYE beauty tips.


Wear false eyelashes! You can get away with super dramatic ones tonight, so rock it! Lashes with glitter or rhinestones would be perfect to pair with your glittery heels or dress. If you don’t want to wear false lashes, then pile on your mascara! An extra coat or two will really make a difference.



Just because you can get away with a lot tonight doesn’t mean you should pile on the makeup everywhere. Pick a focal point on your face and keep the rest of it toned down. If you are going to smoke out your eyes, then keep your lips light and vice versa.



Mix some shimmery powder into your moisturizer and apply all over your legs, shoulders and collar bone. Your skin will shimmer in the light and smell fantastic, which will be perfect for that midnight kiss!



Don’t forget the basics. Carry powder for touch-ups (just because shimmer is in doesn’t mean you should look shiny!), and gum to pop in your mouth right before the countdown.



If you think you might be dancing all night, go ahead and wear your hair up. A cute ponytail or top knot will keep you from getting too hot or worrying about your hair all night!

Remember that at the end of the night, everyone will be excited about the fresh start to a New Year! So check your worries at the door and dance like no one’s watching!



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i just hope i will manage to look amazing even after doin all that cooking i have to do lol thanks for the tips

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