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Hostess Kelly Ripa braved the wet grass in Hunter Boots at the 15th annual Super Saturday shopping event.

InStyle magazine, Kelly Ripa and Donna Karan hosted the Rolls Royce of all sample sales…the 15th annual Super Saturday. Despite the gray skies and damp green grass, the fabulous and frugal still gathered in East Hampton, N.Y., to support ovarian cancer, score designer digs and have plenty of shoe chat. I love that haute moms June Ambrose and Tiffani Thiessen made it a family affair and brought their children. Hey, they’re smart to teach the kiddies early on how to save a buck and help another in need. And although The Real Housewives from Beverly Hills to New York may have a lot of bling on Bravo, they also don’t mind a bargain as they joined the shopping fun as well. Here are some of my top tips on how to master the art (yes, there is an art) to shopping sample sales. Only the stylish and strong survive.

Gold and Black

Black and gold are two major colors this fall. Black has long been a favorite color for most…simple and chic, not to mention slimming. The use of a metallic gold adds richness to bold blacks. Seen all over the runways from embellished shoes to trimmed jackets and mixed media bags, this color combination is sure to prove a winner this coming season.

Ballet Flats

This Friday, Step Up Revolution hit theaters, boasting sexy dancers and mind-blowing moves on the big screen. As an ode to the film, I thought I would take a minute to appreciate my favorite dance-inspired apparel so you all can get psyched, and stylish, for this summer flick! As you can probably attest to, ballet flats are one of the most functional and comfortable items to stem from the dance scene. Aside from their obvious benefits—you can run in them, you don’t fall when there’s uneven ground, you get far fewer blisters …the list goes on—they’re also the perfect casual-but-cute look year round. Keep reading for all the deets on which JustFab ballet flats I love and how to wear them this season!

Gold Medal Style: The 2012 London Olympics

As July comes to a close, one might be saddened by the fact that yet another month of summer has come and gone. Not to worry—with the end of July comes the opening of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, something that will undoubtedly brighten up your season-related blues. We figure that before the Games officially start, we’ll take a quick look at women’s sports across the board, and celebrate the U.S. athletes that are trying to bring us home the gold. Instead of just giving you another list of the basics, however, we at JustFab have decided to offer you a fashionable peek into the lives of these athletes, showing you their individual styles both on and off (or in and out of) the track/sand/pool/field/court. Keep reading for the lowdown on JustFab’s favorite female athletes of the 2012 London Games!

Breakin' It Down Like Beyonce

The launch of Beyoncé’s new Deréon collection for Just Fab has once again put this fashionista at the forefront of our minds. Whether she’s singing on stage, representing at a Lakers game or walking the street with baby Blue Ivy in tow, Beyoncé exudes confidence, classiness and fearlessness. Let’s take a page from this bold beauty by checking out her style secrets, from her performance-perfect sexiness to her day-in-the-life laidback fashion. Keep reading for the JustFab breakdown on how Beyoncé struts her stuff.

Neon For Fall

Neon is one of the hottest trends this summer, and I’m just thrilled about it. We are seeing these bold hues in everything from clothing and handbags to jewelry and nail polish. Now, I know these bright colors are worn with great ease during the hot summer months, but as all the fall clothing starts hitting the stores, you might be asking yourself how to incorporate this trend into your fall wardrobe? The answer….ACCESSORIES! 

Elle and Blair- Teen Choice Awards 2011

This weekend is the Teen Choice Awards, and I couldn’t be happier! Blair and I have been nominated for Choice Web Star for the second year in a row, which is incredibly exciting. Last year was the most amazing experience, and everything about the day was special. It was also incredible that I was able to share that experience with my little sister, Blair, and I think it brought us even closer (even though we are already best friends!).

Long Gowns

When one thinks of Gisele Bündchen, one normally comes up with adjectives like “stunning,” “tall,” “sexy,” “exotic,” or (if we’re being truthful) “MILF.” This Brazilian beauty has been the No. 1 grossing model worldwide since 2004, and also just happens to be married to Tom Brady, star quarterback of the New England Patriots. On top of being a professional model and one majorly hot mama (literally—son Benjamin Rein Brady was born in 2009, and she’s newly pregnant with her second!), Gisele is also extremely involved in the eco-friendly community. She’s a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP); she has her own footwear and sandal collection meant to raise awareness about forest and water-related issues; and she also donates time and money to causes such as HIV/AIDS awareness and the Luz Foundation (which she originally founded). Today is Gisele’s 32nd birthday, and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate not only her many accolades and accomplishments, but also her mind-blowing fashion sense and incredible style. Keep reading as JustFab takes a look at Gisele’s three favorite trends, from red carpet glitz to everyday glamour.