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The Ensemble: Shannon looks summertime fresh in this awesome outfit.

I got this fantastic orange turban from Robyn at where she sells finished hats and patterns of all kinds. I’ve been on a mad hunt for the perfect turban, and when I saw this one, I knew I had to have it. Turbans have had small moments en vogue over the past few seasons, but I think they will be making a huge comeback this fall. I decided to get mine now so I can be ahead of the curve. Also, I enjoy a good fashion challenge, so making a traditionally fall accessory work with springwear sounded like fun.

Green Slide: Citrus With a Twist

Shocking lime green, zesty lemon yellow, sassy pink grapefruit, tangy orange…other than being a mouth-watering list of adjectives, what else do these flavorful colors have in common? They provide extravagant citrus flair to your wardrobe! Ironically enough, citrus is the only thing to which I am allergic, making me extremely citrus averse in the food department. But what I lose in mealtime tartness I make up for in style selection, flaunting these haute hues for all they’re worth. That’s why I’m so excited that citrus shades are the newest, sexiest trend this summer! These colors complement practically any skin tone, match almost every outfit, and add a playful zip to whatever you wear. Keep reading for a little JustFab advice on how to make citrus colors your juiciest asset this season!

Sunglasses Day

Oh, how I adore Angela Simmons! This ‘it’ girl, animal lover and cute boy magnet celebrated her latest launch, a hair extension line called Angela Simmons by Indique,  in New York City’s private members-only club Parlor. Actress and star of the upcoming film Sparkle Tika Sumpter, celebrity nail gurus Ginger & Liz, fashion designer Laquan Smith and more super trendy tastemakers feted the new collection by dancing to summer tunes spun by celebrity DJ Jasmine Solano and munching on the tastiest soy pineapple nuggets ever. The energy was alive, everyone felt fresh and free and Angela gave our JustFab-Shoenistas the scoop on her must-have sunglasses  (Happy National Sunglasses Day!), girlfriend-to-girlfriend dating advice and, of course, SHOES!

Animal Kingdom Intro

It’s a wild, wild world out there and what better way to show off your animal instincts than with the latest exotic prints. These fantastic animal prints seem to be a recurring theme in fashion. For decades we have seen stylish women showing a bit of flair with a great leopard heel or a reptile clutch. And so it continues with modern touches of zebra and giraffe prints while, of course, keeping the classic leopards and snakes in constant rotation.

National Pink Day

When I was in elementary school, I was a categorical tomboy. I spent every recess on the basketball court with the boys; I insisted upon going to my brother’s hockey practices; I argued with my dad about playing softball instead of real baseball (softball “was for girls”…little did I realize!). I suppose it goes without saying that pink wasn’t exactly my color. As I grew older, my love for sports never wavered, but my “one-of-the-boys” attitude began to change, at least a bit. Today I have come to the realization that although I will never be the girliest of girls, I do appreciate my femininity, and with that, a little pink. So here’s to National Pink Day! Let’s celebrate this color with fabulous, fearless style, rocking our womanhood for all it’s worth! Keep reading for tips on how you can make National Pink Day a surprising, style-inspiring, confidence-boosting occasion!

Elle Fowler and the Payson Pump

Hey Fashionistas! June always marks the start of summer for me, and the start of busting out more colorful, lighter clothing. With this comes brighter shoes…which explains my June pick for JustFab! I fell in love with the orange color of these heels the second I saw them, and I knew I would be living in them this summer. You can really style Payson in lots of different ways, even though she’s a statement color.

Strike Rose Gold

If you’re a big time fashionista like all of us at JustFab, you’ve probably already noticed that this season is all about mind-blowing metallics and sensational nudes. You’ve also probably noticed that, as with any trend, these colors are starting to appear everywhere, making it hard to find an original way to wear them. Don’t panic! Now is the perfect time to delve into this fabulous trend, and we’re going to show you a unique, fun way to do so! The solution to your I-love-nude-and-metallic-hues-but-I-don’t-want-to-blend-in-to-the-pack qualms: ROSE GOLD.

I got a great deal on these Chloe shades that are a total celeb fave!

One of the most amazing parts about working in New York City is the shopping and people watching. You see the most amazing dressed women in the latest, greatest and most expensive clothes, shoes, baubles and more. While it’s like being a kid in a candy store with all of the amazing high-end stores, it can also be like a kid in a candy store who didn’t get her allowance. Everyone silently wonders…how on earth are these girls able to afford this stuff? I can remember getting my first job at 21 years old at InStyle magazine. I was so excited to work at such a fabulous magazine, but unfortunately discovered that my fresh-out-of-college salary was not quite as fabulous. I quickly learned the insider tricks on how to snag the best for less. In honor of National Splurge Day, I decided to present my guide to Living The Champagne Splurge All Day & Night Life on a Let Me Save Some Money & Get Some Good Stuff On Sale Sparkling Water Budget. It’s all about splurging in spirit and saving all day long.