Wild Things I Think I Love You

26th Apr 2012 / By Jillian Dauer
Exotic Prints

Ordinarily I am not a fan of reptiles. I don’t care if it’s a harmless garden snake or a 10-foot Komodo Dragon – scaly, slimy creatures creep me out. But this season, exotic prints are all over fashion, and I am embracing them! There’s something about these taken-from-nature patterns that makes any look feel more luxe. Perhaps it’s their unique texture that adds dimension without distracting. Or maybe these skins hold the same allure and opulence as their fur and leather cousins. Regardless of why you’re hunting down these precious prints, now is definitely the time to strike.

This season, you can pick your poison as far as exotic prints are concerned. If you want to incorporate some understated extravagance into your ensemble, then select a traditional snake-print pump like Emmanuella. If you’re in the mood for something more dramatic, go with a python-patterned piece, like the Shake, Rattle & Bold necklace and ring duo or Kherington platform wedge. They stay true to the slither with a black and white color palette. If you want the same aesthetic, but with a little color, then grab Kristine.

Further up the fashion food chain are your refined reptiles. Nothing raises the luxury factor like a crocodile-print accessory. I am particularly fond of the 718 satchel. The silhouette is simple, while the scaly pattern is sophisticated. This is one handbag you can pull out season after season. Paola is another excellent option. Her pale hue paired with the detailed depth of her defined print looks so rich! It takes the standard pump to a whole new level! If lizard skin is more your speed, then you’ll love Aliannah. She’s another great go-to for shaking up your style with some color. Coral, of course, is H-O-T for spring, but I’m really loving her in teal.

Finally, I know ostriches aren’t members of the reptile family, but seriously, nothing is more lavish or more of a status symbol than an ostrich-print accessory. The effect left by the quill-inspired embossing is distinct and exquisite. Cortlan is a fabulous way to introduce the trend to your repertoire. Her textured straps display the pattern in small doses, so as not to overwhelm the eye, especially since she comes in such brilliant hues!

Exotic prints won’t be going extinct anytime soon. Will you give in and get some or wait for the next member of the animal kingdom to rise into power? For more looks at some of our favorite exotic prints, check out JustFab on Pinterest!

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