What She Wore To Work: Alexander McQueen-Inspired Skull Scarf

Check out my punk rock-meets-Coco Chanel style!

I love scarves; like I have a near obsessive Carrie Bradshaw-status love of scarves. Winter, spring, summer, fall; around my neck or wrapped on my head… I have a scarf for that. So when I saw scarves hanging on our ‘potential flash sale items’ rack, I freaked out! “Rose, when are we getting these?” I asked our associate buyer with the breathless assault of a child on her way to Disneyland. “This month? Next month? When? When? When?” “Umm, at the end of March,” Rose replied looking up from her computer and blinking in surprise. I had obviously broken some serious focus. “Awesome!” I responded. “I am so saving my credits!”

When the trio of scarves hit our FABFinds, I snatched them up in a second. I love all of them – especially this maroon skull scarf, since it’s inspired by one of my favorite designers, Alexander McQueen. Channeling my inner punk rock-meets-Coco Chanel, I paired it with my favorite woven blazer from H&M, JustFab’s The Slender Cigarette black denim, Sheen On Me necklace and bracelet, Abbey Dawn Rockstar bag and our nude Vonzell pump, plus some vintage brooches (oh, and my glasses are Barton Perrera). Yeah, momma has pricey taste in a few things: make-up, men and eyewear!

A great light-weight scarf is the perfect accessory for unpredictable spring weather. They add a little warmth and a touch of color! There are so many ways to tie a scarf, that you will never wear it the same way twice. Check out How To Tie A Scarf for some ideas!

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