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Extreme Platforms

Now that your toes are free from their boot caves (both shearling and leather), it’s time to get them prepped for the freedom of spring sandals! Although I saw lots of great trends on the runway, there’s no point in looking good if the shoes don’t feel good. No matter how sexy a style looks, you won’t look sexy in it if you’re limping, tripping and falling. But don’t worry! I’m going to tell you how to make every pair of spring’s hottest styles feel fabulous. Let’s start with platforms and flat sandals made from materials with abstract prints.

Party like it’s 1999! The cast of American Pie returns today in the series’ newest installment, American Reunion. To commemorate this sure-to-be-sex-filled occasion, the team at JustFab decided to share our Top 5 Favorite American Pie Moments. Disclaimer: none of these are ‘appropriate,’ so if raunchy scenes make you uncomfortable, you may not want to continue reading!


To celebrate the release of Titanic 3D this Friday, I thought it’d be fun to take a look at the red carpet style of the record-breaking film’s leading lady: Kate Winslet. It’s hard to forget the epic love story between Rose and Jack. Their relationship was doomed from the start, but that didn’t stop the audience (myself included) from rooting for the star-crossed couple. And who didn’t swoon over Leo DiCaprio? But her role in Titanic 15 years ago was just the beginning. Since then, Winslet has become a famous force to be reckoned with. She’s earned 9 Golden Globe noms, 6 Oscar noms, and countless other accolades. Plus, she’s won a few times, too. She was awarded the Best Actress Oscar and Best Actress (Drama) Golden Globe for her portrayal of April Wheeler in Revolutionary Road in 2008, and received the Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe for her role of Hanna Schmitz in The Reader. But we’d like to recognize her for her impeccable sense of fashion. Winslet knows how to keep it classy, while still showing that she’s proud to be a woman. Take a look.

Printed Metallics

Fashion trends aren’t limited to just apparel and accessories. Often we see the same hot hues and tantalizing textures used in the ready-to-wear collections of today’s most notable designers invade the palettes of make-up artists and nail polish companies.’s go-to nail stylist Barbara Warner took time out of her busy schedule painting the digits of Hollywood’s elite, including Adele, Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst, to give us the 411 on spring’s can’t-miss nail trends. The best part? If you try something new and discover it’s not for you, just wipe it off! It’s an easy, guilt-free way to experiment with your style.

ACM Fashion

I love me some country music! Ever since I went to a Collin Raye concert at Six Flags in high school, I’ve been a fan of the genre. According to LA’s country radio station, ‘There’s a story in every song.’ It’s true. It is also the reason I’m such a supporter (not my Missouri roots). Which means I never miss a country awards show – and there’s quite a few. Last night, Nashville celebrated its biggest and brightest stars at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. Hosted by Reba McEntire and Blake Shelton, the ceremony was full of fashion, performances and, of course, trophies. Highlights included nominee Carrie Underwood kicking things off with a rockin’ rendition of her latest girl anthem, Good Girl. Taylor Swift took home Entertainer of the Year, the night’s top honor, for the second year in a row, while Miranda Lambert swept her categories earning both Top Female Vocalist and Album of the Year. But besides enjoying the show’s festivities, I also kept a close eye on what these chic crooners were wearing. I even spotted a few trends amongst the industry’s chart-topping divas.

April Staff Style

Studs and exotic skins! That’s what the ladies of JustFabulous are fawning over for April. Hardware details on sandals and jewelry are striking the fancy of several staffers, while python prints and ostrich textures have already captured the hearts of more than one professional princess. And who can blame them? Reptile skins continue to be important for spring. They look luxurious, but the faux fabrics keep the cost down and the animals alive. Pyramid studs add dimension to any accessory, while also proving that you’re not as innocent as you appear! Keep reading to learn more about how these chic co-workers will wear their favorite styles.