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Exotic Prints

Ordinarily I am not a fan of reptiles. I don’t care if it’s a harmless garden snake or a 10-foot Komodo Dragon – scaly, slimy creatures creep me out. But this season, exotic prints are all over fashion, and I am embracing them! There’s something about these taken-from-nature patterns that makes any look feel more luxe. Perhaps it’s their unique texture that adds dimension without distracting. Or maybe these skins hold the same allure and opulence as their fur and leather cousins. Regardless of why you’re hunting down these precious prints, now is definitely the time to strike.

Metallic Mania

Metallic details and bright colors go together like peanut butter and jelly, Brad and Angelina, swimsuits and sunscreen. This brilliant combo blends the best of both worlds: intense shades liven up any look and are so on-season, while the glamor associated with anything that shimmers elevates an outfit from low-key to lavish. Check out a few of my favorite shoes that fuse the luminous with the lustrous.

I paired Posy with this one-shoulder floral-print frock.

April is half over, which means it’s time to introduce a new collection! This month we wanted to give you FABshionistas plenty of inspiration and style options for all of your big events this spring. Whether you’re tying the knot, standing up for your BFF or just showing your support as a guest, we’ve got a cute and event-appropriate look for you. Girly details, like bows, frills and jewels, will turn your next mid-summer night’s dream into a real-life fairy tale. Join me behind the scenes to see how it all came together at our formal collection photo shoot. Hopefully you’ll find Something New to call your own.

Two-Strap Flat Sandals

Easter is over, which means spring is in full effect. So if you’ve been waiting to break out your strappy flat sandals and short skirts, you need not hesitate a moment longer! That being said, I know it can be a challenge to find the most flattering fit for your feet. We hear about it all the time from Fans on the Official JustFab Facebook Page. It can be almost as daunting as finding the perfect pair of jeans or a suitable swimsuit. But there’s no need to fret! I’ve got the solution to achieving a flawless fit just south of your ankles. Check out my tips for making another hot trend this season, two-strap flat sandals, feel fabulous.

Check out my punk rock-meets-Coco Chanel style!

I love scarves; like I have a near obsessive Carrie Bradshaw-status love of scarves. Winter, spring, summer, fall; around my neck or wrapped on my head… I have a scarf for that. So when I saw scarves hanging on our ‘potential flash sale items’ rack, I freaked out! “Rose, when are we getting these?” I asked our associate buyer with the breathless assault of a child on her way to Disneyland. “This month? Next month? When? When? When?” “Umm, at the end of March,” Rose replied looking up from her computer and blinking in surprise. I had obviously broken some serious focus. “Awesome!” I responded. “I am so saving my credits!”

KLS April FabFaves

This spring is coming in with a bang – an explosion of color to be more precise!  The season’s juicy new hues – apricot corals and citrus yellows – are here to put us on the bright track. Raquel, a stunning peep toe pump, was the perfect choice to add some pop to my lemon-colored dress and white bag. Taj Mahal’s crisp color and structured shape brought a monumental energy to my wardrobe. And, of course, I reached for rings to add some sparkle. You can never go wrong with clear stones on gold jewelry! So get poppin’! My April FABFaves from will help your style spring to life!


Wedges! Check out these 4 styles I chose and the outfits I put together for each. They all follow one of spring’s key trends: exotic prints, bright colors, rose gold and pastels. Read on to get my tips for how to wear these super trendy shoes!

Extreme Platforms

Now that your toes are free from their boot caves (both shearling and leather), it’s time to get them prepped for the freedom of spring sandals! Although I saw lots of great trends on the runway, there’s no point in looking good if the shoes don’t feel good. No matter how sexy a style looks, you won’t look sexy in it if you’re limping, tripping and falling. But don’t worry! I’m going to tell you how to make every pair of spring’s hottest styles feel fabulous. Let’s start with platforms and flat sandals made from materials with abstract prints.