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Kimora Wears Jovita & Ondrei

Fabs, I confess! I’m a NUDE-ist! Never. Underestimate. Dynamic. Elongation. Who doesn’t want the illusion of longer legs? Bright colors are great for accents, but neutral-hued shoes are a bare essential for spring. It’s a movement that I took on the road. On a trip to NYC for meetings earlier this month, Jovita and I were ready to do business. Her taupe tone is a must-have this season. The peep toe pumps popped against my dark denim and cropped trench. I told a similar blue and beige color story on my return, pairing Ondrei with a striped tee, navy scarf and brown leather jacket. This slingback’s keyhole gives a sexy peek at flirty chic! So who else out there is a NUDE-ist? Will you show some skin in these barely there beauties?


If you’ve already gotten a head start on your spring cleaning, then surely you’ve disposed of a few old accessories. Which means: you can shop for some new replacements guilt-free! After all, spring is the season of revitalization and renewal, and what better way to freshen up your warm-weather wardrobe than with a bold handbag? We’ve compiled a collection of styles in every color of the kaleidoscope so you can shop the shades you love all in one place. Whether you opt for a nude neutral or pick out something from our old friend ROY G BIV, I encourage you to get a little crazy with your carryall this season. Be brave and intensify your traditional dark duds with a tangerine satchel or create a colorblock look with a yellow tote bag and blue and green separates. Because with so many hues from which to choose, there’s no excuse for being boring!

Metallic Magenta Shoes

There’s been a lot of emphasis on pastels and nudes this season. And while they are prevalent, they’re certainly not the only key spring trends you’ll see. My personal favorite is oceanic influences. After working in the fashion industry for almost 5 years, this is the first ‘new’ concept I’ve seen. Plus, I love how designers have incorporated these inspirational elements into their collections. From fishtail gowns and high-shine metallics to shades of coral¬† and textured details, signs of the sea have totally washed ashore. And one great way the most fashionable of landlubbers can keep this fad afloat is with metallic magenta platform pumps.

Look what I found! It’s video footage of Avril Lavigne’s private performance at her launch party in Hollywood earlier this month. She sang four of her chart-topping hits to a packed house at The Viper Room to celebrate the exclusive debut of her Abbey Dawn shoe and handbag collection on Today we have another exciting fashion milestone to commemorate: select Abbey Dawn apparel is now available on at members-only prices! From devil-horned hoodies and slogan tees to graphic-print tanks and cocktail dresses, you can wear Avril’s edgy designs from head to toe! So to get you in the mood (and to please those who were bummed that they missed the show), I encourage you to watch her intimate concert and rock out as if you were standing in the front row. Then you can shop your heart out. And be sure to let us know what you thought of her performance and the collection!


Peep toe shoes were originally designed in the 1930s during the Great Depression. This new style showed just a tinge of toenail and adhered to the ladylike trend that was sweeping fashion. Vintage versions of this silhouette became so popular in 2006, that brands began designing them again. Since then, the peep toe pump has hung onto its super star status with few modifications. After all, why mess up a good thing, right? It’s feminine, it’s chic and it’s incredibly sexy. But this season, we are seeing one tiny tweak to the classic silhouette. The peep itself has gotten a modern update: the opening that traditionally allows your first two toes to peek out is now significantly smaller and in the shape of a teardrop. We’re calling it the keyhole peep toe. And we’ve already seen it on a few of our favorite celebrities.

The Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence

I don’t know about you, but I am super excited about the release of The Hunger Games today! I’ve been waiting patiently for this event for months, and, in fact, already have my ticket to see the film Sunday night! But until then,¬† in an effort to satisfy my craving for the citizens of Panem, I’ve been following the fashionable footsteps of leading lady Jennifer Lawrence. She’s spent the past two weeks promoting the movie and her daring sense of style on the red carpet at premieres worldwide. From metallic shine and sexy cutouts to bright bursts of color and feminine features, this rising star is hitting the fashion bullseye every time. It seems the odds are ever in her favor. Join me now on a jaunty journey through Jennifer’s style on the scarlet strip.


Not sure if you’ve heard, but nude-hued shoes are kind of a big deal this spring. And by ‘kind of a big deal’ we mean absolutely, positively, cannot-go-another-minute-without-owning-a-pair essential. But why exactly are these barely there phenomenons so super fantastic that we can’t stop talking about them? Because they’re not just en vogue, FABshionistas; they are the ultimate ultra-sexy accessory. By blending in with your skin, they lengthen your legs, glorify your gams and, in general, make your stems look sensational. So to aid in your quest for the perfect pair of leg-elongators, we’ve compiled an entire collection of flesh-toned styles and put them all in one place. We guarantee that if these Blushing Nudes don’t cause your cheeks to become immediately flushed, they’ll certainly bring some color to the face of your man du jour. So will you go nude this season?

Avril Lavigne’s new collection of Abbey Dawn shoes and handbags is a hit on! Styles are flying off the shelves faster than you can say ‘What the hell?!‘ From studded high heels and graphic-print flats to tough boots and bold handbags, these stage-worthy accessories are making us fall to pieces! But we knew you’d love the pop star’s super rock ‘n roll, super edged-out styles. The question is: what does the ‘Wish You Were Here‘ singer think about her punk designs? Watch her ‘Give ‘Em The Boot‘ video now to find out!